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Gift rural tutors lessons for kids

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EIGHT lakh teachers are currently untrained or unqualified in India. Help Meghshala get their Android app which has been transforming classrooms across Karnataka - to 25 more teachers in five more schools.

Meghshala's tech solution for teachers in underserved schools is to equip them with multimedia lesson plans designed to improve their instruction skills.

After the positive response of their first intervention in Belgaum, where they empowered 50 teachers in 10 schools by providing them their app loaded onto tablets, Meghshala is set to impact both the teaching and learning experience in more classrooms.

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Help getting TeachKits to 25 teachers.

Meghshala Trust have raised enough to equip one teacher with a tablet.


School teachers face many challenges - from inadequate resources and time crunches, to a lack of education technology and archaic teaching methods. Equipping tutors in Belgaum with tablets will help them teach using innovative methods, reduce the amount of time they spend preparing lessons, improve their teaching skills and, most importantly, create an exciting and dynamic learning space for their students.

New skills and methods of teaching will help students retain information better.

The district of Belgaum, in north Karnataka, was initially chosen because of the keen interest expressed by the Block Education Officer in equipping teachers with tablets loaded with TeachKits. Lessons on the app are adapted to the local curriculum, are multilingual and address different learning styles. Like in other parts of rural Karnataka, many school children here, too, have poor grades and lack basic reading and writing skills.

On the internet there are lot of apps but Meghshala’s lessons in our mother tongue has come out very well and this is helping the students by making the lessons more attractive and by increasing their learning abilities.

Rizwan D. Navagekar, Teacher, MLA Kannada Higher Primary School, Belgaum

I was struggling to teach and find teaching resources, but after I downloaded Meghshala's app and lessons, I now teach very easily. Meghshala's lessons are helping teachers use easy methods to help students learn and understand.

JP Mandre, Teacher, GHPS Paupathihal, Dharwad

The schools that will receive the tablets will be identified with the help of the Block Education Officer. At ₹14,000 per teacher, with the funds raised Meghshala will purchase tablets, load them with the TeachKits and hold orientation and training classes to familiarise every teacher on how to use the lesson plans on the app. Once complete, the teachers can begin turning their classrooms into active, engaging learning spaces for their students!

TeachKits will transform classrooms in Belgaum.