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Gift Ultimate life skills to youth

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A MIXED gender, non-contact sport like Ultimate Frisbee, played without a referee, teaches many life lessons. Help Project KHEL enable 500 deprived children with such skills - and arm them for better futures.

After the success of their participation last year, Project KHEL have been planning and prepping to have more teams - comprising youth from disadvantaged communities - compete in the National Championship Series at the sectional, regional and national levels.

For this, they will need to establish coaching centres, hire coaches, purchase cleats and discs, design jerseys, and arrange for travel and accommodation costs.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Project KHEL are fundraising for cleats, discs, jerseys, travel and accommodation.


Ultimate Frisbee is a self-officiated sport which encourages players to develop clear communication skills, fair play and conflict management. The male-female format also breaks gender barriers and helps players see teammates and competitors as equals. By participating in the Championship, the kids will not only learn life-long lessons, but also get immense exposure that will broaden their horizons through travelling and meeting other teams.

Playing Ultimate develops many life skills.

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a state with one of the worst sex-ratios in the country, and an increasing crime rate. The literacy rate too is well below the national average, and poverty levels are high. In this context, many children here grow up deprived, and often work to support their families while still at school. Project KHEL's initiatives provide such children with self-development tools to equip them to meet life's challenges.

When I interned with Project KHEL, I realised that if you put in a lot of work with children, there will be a change.

Anshumali Pathak, intern, S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research

I am impressed by the team's enthusiasm. It is incredible how they juggle between work, school and practice so effortlessly and I am sure that the impact of playing a sport reflects in their performance in class and their relationship with their peers.

Simon, Pollinate Energy Fellow

Kids who play Ultimate are exposed to situations that regularly develop life skills such as learning and practicing cooperation and teamwork; empathy, honesty, and self-regulation; and building logical thinking skills through strategy.

Julie Hare, The Star, 27 July 2016, Toronto

This Fundraiser aims to benefit 500 children from low-income backgrounds in Lucknow. Coaching sessions are being run already, and will continue until the Championship begins later this year. Two months before the Championship, Project KHEL will host an intra-Lucknow Tournament to narrow down the children that will be competing. The funds will go towards purchasing cleats, discs, jerseys, travel and accommodation.

Help the kids compete at the Championship!
Undergoing training for the Championship
by Project KHEL
03 May 2019

Currently 500 children are being coached  for the Ultimate Frisbee Championship in Lucknow, and Project KHEL will host the intra-Lucknow pre-qualifying championship tournament at the end of this year, before the Championship.

The Championship tournament would take place in February 2020, the funding is being used for the travel and accomodation of the players and for the purchasing of sports equipments.