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Girls under 11 need winter woollies

Focus: Education , Girl Child

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WOOLLENS come at a price - but should not cost a poor child her health. Help PPES gift a hat, gloves and socks under ₹400 a pack to all their 870 primary school girls to keep them warm, and well, this winter.

Pardada Pardadi run one kindergarten and two primary schools for girls from marginalised families in Anupshahr in western UP, where temperatures can dip to 8°C in the winter months.

Without adequate clothing, young children are prone to falling sick, with frequent colds and flu which keep them away from school and their lessons. These woollen accessories will gift them health, comfort and self-confidence.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

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Every winter pack will gift health and comfort to a school girl!

This fundraiser has been extended until the end of the month!

The funds raised will cover the expense of 70 small size and 61 medium size winter gift packs!


Most of these under-11 girls come from poor families where even investing in a cardigan or sweater for their child is considered a luxury - let alone a hat, gloves and socks. In the cold, our bodies lose heat from any part that is left uncovered. Exposing the extremities - head, hands and feet - to harsh temperatures can lead to colds, chilblains and frost bite. Besides, the discomfort of being cold in class distracts children from their lessons.

Inadequate clothing affects their health and makes it difficult for them to focus in their studies.

Each winter gift pack consists of a pair of gloves, socks and a woollen hat. The small sizes for 635 girls cost ₹180 per pack and the medium size packs for 235 girls are ₹205 each. Once the Fundraiser is completed and the order is confirmed, Donatekart will deliver the items to Pardada Pardadi within a week - just in time for them to distribute them at the schools' Christmas celebrations on December 25th.

The warm clothes will protect them from the extremities that winter brings with it.