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Give breadwinner his sight back

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FAILING vision has forced minivan driver Subhash* to stop work - drastically affecting the wellbeing of his wife and school-going child. Help fund his cataract surgery so he can get back behind the wheel.

Subhash is an energetic 37-year-old and was the sole earning member of his family till his diminishing eye sight put a halt to his employment.

Without support from any family or friends, his wife now has been forced to work as a domestic help to make ends meet.

Contribute towards Subhash's eye op and save this young family from the clutches of poverty.

*Name changed to protect identity, image is representative

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Your contribution will help Subhash see again


Along with his eyesight, Subhash lost his job as a minivan driver, which has put his family on the brink of penury. Without relatives and friends to turn to - or necessary documents to get free treatment in government / charitable hospitals - he was referred through a medical worker to Ghaswala Foundation when diagnosed with a cataract. Immediate surgery will correct Subhash's vision and help him return to work and earn a living.

Subhash was able to earn a living before his deteriorating eyesight

The total cost of surgery in one eye is around ₹14,850. The money raised will be used for Subhash to have his cataract removed and get the lens implant prescribed by doctors so he can get back to work as soon as possible.

Surgery will bring back Subhash's livelihood.