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Give HIV affected youth a break

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HIV not only affects patients, but also their families. For 80 boys bearing the trauma of death or illness of their parents, fund a short study trip to give them a break from difficult circumstances at home.

As part of a larger programme aimed at building resilience in adolescents from HIV-affected families, Samraksha are organising trips to nearby locations, such as historical monuments, zoos and museums for the children.

₹625 will send one adolescent boy on a trip for exposure, and to broaden his horizons. This will also be a chance for the boys to connect with peers their own age, and with mentors they can look up to.

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₹625 will send one adolescent boy on a trip.

Samraksha have raised enough to send eight adolescent boys on an exposure trip.

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The teenagers Samraksha work with grow up dealing with serious illnesses, and sometimes even the loss of their parents. Many have to care for their parents and don't get a proper education. Being a part of this programme provides them with immense support and guidance. A trip away gives the boys a break from their stressful lives, an opportunity to plan the visit to a new place with their peers, and learn and grow with together.

The boys use the trip as an opportunity to learn something new.

Koppal, in North Karnataka, has one of the lowest development indices in the state. Until the early 2000s, the district had a high prevalence of HIV. Though this has now reduced, an SOS Children's Village study ranked Koppal as one of the districts with high child vulnerability because of the impact HIV had on families, leaving many children as head of households. Samraksha is currently working with 80 adolescent boys who will go on this trip.

Being a part of this programme has helped me realise the worth of my friends and my social network. I have learned to value them.

17-year-old participant, Koppal

My son seems much happier after attending the programme. He is forever asking me when the next training date is and is eager to attend.

Mother of 13-year-old participant, Koppal

Samraksha is already implementing the larger programme, Building Resilience in Adolescents for 80 boys from HIV-affected families. Once the Fundraiser is complete, the boys will be divided into batches according to age group, and the one-day study trips will be planned by them during their school vacations to locations - nearby historical monuments, zoo or museum - suitable to their age.

Temples in Badami will be an exciting location for the boys to visit.
80 boys go on field trips
by Samraksha
04 March 2019

We arranged educational trips for 80 boys, of which the costs of eight boys were covered with your support!

The older boys went to Aihole and Pattadkal, where they visited temples built during the Chalukya dynasty. The younger boys were split into two groups - one visited a zoo and nature park, while the other group visited the Tunga Badhra Dam.

The trips served as a much needed break and gave them a chance to learn something new. The boys were responsible for planning the trip; figuring out the routes, entrance fees, arranging food. Once we returned, the groups presented their learnings to everyone else.