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Give kids a safe space to learn

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CRAMMED, dark classrooms meant that Calcutta Rescue needed to buy a more spacious building for their education centre. Help repair this 150-year-old home so their students can get the best education possible.

The children who attend Calcutta Rescue's education centre have to sit in small, dingy rooms for their lessons, and in corridors for their meals. Plus without an outdoor play area, it is not an ideal place for children to learn.

The new building is bright and airy, has open terraces and a central courtyard with a mango tree. But it needs major renovation to make it safe for children, and to create classrooms and toilet facilities.

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The young ones who attend Number 10 live in slums around north Kolkata, with barely a roof over their head. Calcutta Rescue provide them with an education, nutritious meals, school supplies, extracurricular activities, medical care and more. But with a growing number of students, the space has become inadequate. After renovation the new building will provide a safe and joyful oasis for these children who otherwise have so little.

Children have to eat and study in corridors.

This new building has much more space but requires a great deal of work. It will give our children a transformational educational experience and open up new opportunities to develop their potential. It will be an investment which will be well worthwhile.

Dr. Jack Preger, founder and chairperson, Calcutta Rescue

We want the new education centre to provide a joyful, uplifting environment where every single child feels able to explore and pursue their dreams. It must be a place that children look forward to attending.

Ananya Chatterjee, head of education, Calcutta Rescue

My son is three and goes to a bright, spacious pre-school. I long for the same environment for Calcutta Rescue’s children. The renovation is critical to improving their learning outcomes, providing them with opportunity and lifting them out of poverty.

Jaydeep Chakraborty, CEO, Calcutta Rescue

Some of Calcutta Rescue's supporters outside India have promised to match every donation made to this Fundraiser - so the total amount raised will be doubled! An architect has already designed the renovation of the new building, with activity areas, a computer room, a dining room, a library and solar panels. Once the Fundraiser is complete, the renovation work will begin in the new year, and is scheduled to be completed by November 2019.

The new building is bigger, but needs a lot of renovation work.
Nilu, the next Neymar
by Calcutta Rescue
19 July 2019

The amount raised will benefit more than 300 of Kolkata’s most deprived slum children through the renovation of the 150 year old residential building. Currently the hired architect is at work, while the contractor is going to be finalized. By April 2020 the building will become a safe learning space with a computer center, library, makerspace, dining area and toilets for girls. 

One such beneficiary is Nilu, who was just five years old when he was brought to Calcutta Rescue. With no home to go to, Calcutta Rescue supported him by giving him a good hostel education in Kolkata. Every week Nilu comes to Calcutta Rescue for supplementary education and food supplies. CR also provides him with clothing and even football boots. Nilu does wonders with the football and one day he dreams of being like his idol, the Brazilian Neymar 

Together we are changing lives, thank you for that. :)