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Grain & dates for the acutely ill

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PATIENTS living with HIV at Samraksha's palliative care centre are either acutely or terminally ill. A nutritious, balanced diet is vital to strengthen their immune system against other infections.

Samraksha's centre in rural Karnataka serves people in critical stages of their illness who are unable to afford quality healthcare, support and nutrition on their own. The HIV virus makes them particularly vulnerable to infections, and the anti-retroviral drugs they take to control the disease also has severe side effects. Help Samraksha fund food rations for their centre for six months.

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Grains, dates, wheat flour and nuts are some of the essential rations Samraksha require at their centre.

Donatekart will soon deliver the food rations to Samraksha.

Donatekart have delivered the dates to Samraksha.


Most inhabitants of the rural town of Kushtagi in Koppal come from economically poor backgrounds. When you couple that with a terminal condition such as HIV, the suffering is felt not just by the patients, but their families, too. The palliative care provided by Samraksha alleviates much of the strain that poor families cannot afford to bear, including providing appropriate, balanced and timely meals for the acutely ill.

Samraksha's centre is a major support for the families of patients.

Samraksha is raising funds for wheat, jaggery, groundnuts, dal varieties and dates - a fruit containing several minerals and high in iron content and nutritionally crucial, especially for women living with HIV, who need it to combat anaemia. Once the Fundraiser is complete, Donatekart will procure the rations and deliver them to Samraksha's head office in Bangalore within a week of getting the order confirmation.

The rations will benefit 150 patients at the centre.
Seedless dates delivered
by Samraksha
13 Feb. 2019

With the funds raised, we opted for 40kg of dates. Dates are very high in iron, and a great supplement for individuals who are anaemic. So far, we have distributed some of the packets of dates to families that we work with, but will be distributing the rest during a special training we will be conducting with adolescent girls. A majority of the girls that will be at the training are HIV-positive, or have family members who are HIV-positive. We will be working with them on building resilience and life-skills.