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Help beat malnutrition with hygiene

Focus: Health , Rural Development

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POOR hygiene and sanitation – not lack of food – is often the predominant cause of acute malnutrition among children. Fund hygiene kits @ Rs 500 each to help 600 under-fives beat this dangerous condition.

Fight Hunger Foundation have been combatting malnutrition – which kills one child every minute in India – since 2012.

They have found treating this silent killer with medicine and therapeutic food is not enough if the child continues to drink untreated water and live in unhygienic conditions. These lead to repeated stomach ailments that damages the gut and impairs the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Just Rs 500 will help a child fight off malnourishment

We've raised Rs 11,310 - enough to support 22 children!

The funds raised were used to give hygiene kits to 20 beneficiaries. Check out the impact update for details!


Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is the worst form of hunger where children carry 11.9 times the risk of dying compared to a normal child.. A child’s immune system is compromised by repeated infection, which impedes the rate of recovery. And the main contributing factor to waterborne diseases is poor hygiene and sanitation and unsafe drinking water.

Children living in unhygienic conditions without access to safe drinking water fall ill frequently

A recent government survey to assess health and family welfare across the country flagged up the high rates of malnutrition in this district, particularly in the Kishanganj and Shahabad blocks inhabited by the Sahariyas, the only primitive tribal group in Rajasthan. In the first five months of 2017, 600 children from this community have been identified with acute malnutrition as a result of chronic diarrhoea.

Rajan has started eating better and gained weight. Fight Hunger Foundation also taught us the importance of washing hands properly and keeping water and utensils clean to avoid diseases. Rajan now falls ill less often and his health has improved.

Rajan’s mother, Kishanganj, Rajasthan

ACF (FHF) combines a solid technical subject matter expertise backed by a committed leadership with a deep understanding of local context, helping deliver high quality nutrition and health projects in India.

Deepti Gulati, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), India country office, New Delhi

As much as 50 per cent of malnutrition is caused not by a lack of food or poor diets but due to poor water, poor sanitation facilities and unhygienic practices – like not washing hands properly with soap.


Most cases of endemic diarrhoea are not due to the transmission of pathogens by water... but from individual to individual because of lack of hygiene...The access to drinkable water must be accompanied by sanitation works and hygiene raising awareness

Interactions of: Malnutrition, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Infections, Action Against Hunger report, UK

Vital funds raised through this campaign will help provide hygiene kits to 600 children. The kits will contain Cloriwat water purification drops, baby soap, laundry soap and insecticide-treated mosquito nets, among other things. FHF staff and volunteers will closely monitor the distribution of kits. They will also make regular home visits to follow up and conduct face-to-face hygiene sessions with the members of the family.

FHF member on a home visit demonstrating how to use various components of a hygiene kit
Hygiene Kits for 20 beneficiaries
by Fight Hunger Foundation
14 Feb. 2018

Your generous donations helped the fundraiser raised ₹11,310 of its target amount of Rs 300,000. Fight Hunger Foundation has added the amount to the funding of one of their existing programs in Baran. The funds raised on Small Change will fund hygiene Kits to 20 Severely Acute Malnutrition (SAM) beneficiaries seeking treatment under the Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program.

Every hygiene kit contributed towards building a better future for these beneficiaries!