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Help keep 6,779 children in school

Focus: Education , Children and Youth

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A SHOCKING 50% of children drop out of school in India. YOUR support will help 6,779 of them who have returned to class continue attending school and complete their education.

Children drop out of school for a number of reasons - not least because of child labour or child marriage. Once out of the system, they lose touch with education completely and have little or no means to build a better life.

6,779 children have recently been connected back to school. But without support and intervention in the first few crucial weeks they are at extreme risk of dropping out again.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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6,779 children need your support.


This particular project covers areas where violations against child protection are rampant and require immediate intervention. These children who have fought so many challenges to get back to school, now need academic support, counselling and constant encouragement to remain there because they are so far behind their peers in class. Without this crucial support they are at risk of dropping out again and going back to their former lives.

Dropping out could mean child labour and child marriage.

It is absolutely unreal and unthinkable to imagine a child being treated poorly. They bring happiness to you and it's important that all of us be responsible and make sure we give the happiness back to them.

Sourav Ganguly, President, Cricket Association of Bengal

I believe everyone has something to donate - be it money, love or time. But if the privileged do not spare even a small amount of money for charity, then who will?

Simran Sokhi, donor, Singapore

What CRY does to ensure the child’s right to good food, education, shelter, good health & freedom from exploitation is truly commendable. I am sure this work involves serious challenges and am likewise happy to support CRY.

Veena Thimmaya, donor, Bengaluru

The project focuses on constant monitoring and encouragement to help children remain in school. Communities and families are also made to understand the far reaching effects of child labour and child marriage on their children’s health and well being. The ultimate goal of the project is to create a vigilant and safe environment for children and build proper systems and support structures so that children are motivated to continue in school.

Children require a safe environment to prosper.