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Help keep girls warm this winter

Focus: Girl Child , Health

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BAALE Mane work hard to provide the comfort and security of a loving home to the 41 abandoned or orphaned young girls in their care. Woolly hats, blankets and bed linen will go a long way in doing just that!

Home is where the heart is, and for the girls - most of whom have had an unfortunate childhood prior to their arrival - Baale is the place where they grow up, come back to after school and from college at weekends.

The bed linen, blankets and floor mats will not only improve their dorms but, along with the woolly hats, also equip the girls for the winter in Gopalapura where the temperature is few degrees lower than Bengaluru.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

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With just ₹420 you can help keep a young girl warm and healthy this winter!

This fundraiser closed early because it achieved its target- in just three weeks!


Baale Mane has grown from a one-room shelter to a permanent care home for 41 girls where they live like one big family. Baale provide high-quality care and prioritise the girls’ comfort and health. The bed linen, pillow covers and floor mats will help improve the home and make it more welcoming. The woolly hats and blankets will keep the girls them warm and well this winter.

The funds raised will improve the quality of life of the girls at Baale Mane care home.

Once the fundraiser is complete and Donatekart receive the order, they will procure the goods and deliver it to Baale. The hats, blankets, bedsheets and pillow covers will be given to the girls immediately. The anti-slip mats will be put in the bathrooms. The floor mats will be used in the dining hall for seating during meals as well as in the dormitory.

The funds raised will help keep 41 girls healthy this winter.