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Help mentor 15 deprived children

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A PERSONAL tutor mentoring a child from a poor family who attends a school that imparts low quality education is life-changing. Help U&I fund the individualised coaching of 15 such deserving children.

The substandard quality of education in low-income schools in India is no longer news. A 2016 study of government and private schools in Karnataka, for instance, showed that almost 50% of students’ reading competencies were much below their grade level.

U&I’s 1:3 teacher-student ratio is helping tackle this, providing personalised tutoring to ensure that each child learns according to his or her specific abilities.

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Poor teaching quality and inadequate infrastructure ail low-income schools, one of the main reasons for a high dropout rate. And those children that continue with their education perform severely below their grade level. U&I’s mentor-tutors encourage each child to reach their full potential, with opportunities to take part in field trips, art camps and team building activities that give them the confidence and belief to pursue their dreams.

Individual attention and mentoring play a significant role in a child's learning

The highest number of U&I beneficiaries are in Bangalore, where they are headquartered. Statistics show that simple knowledge of English in a metro city like Bangalore increases a youth's employability by 400%. U&I volunteers’ tutoring and additional English coaching will pave the way for 15 deserving students to a brighter future than they could otherwise hope to achieve.

If done right, education has the power like nothing else to nurture empowered, reflective, engaged and skilled citizens who can chart the way towards a safer, greener and fairer planet for all.

Irina Bokova, Director-General, UNESCO

Good quality and equitable education serves to unlock opportunity and undo intergenerational cycles of inequity: on average, each additional year of education a child receives increases her or his adult earnings by about 10 per cent.

The State of the World’s Children, 2016, UNICEF Report

Volunteers do more than just teach these kids, they give them confidence to strive towards their ambitions through the comfort of a support system and constant encouragement. They have a genuine interest in the lives and well being of these kids.

Elaine Almeida, former volunteer tutor, Bangalore

Before tutoring begins, U&I will first assess the learning levels of each of the 15 children. Funds raised will go towards curriculum and learning resources to train volunteer tutors who will teach and mentor the students. U&I will track curriculum progress and collect feedback from students and tutors on an ongoing basis. The funds will also pay for extra-curricular activities and field trips in the academic year.

Experience based learning activities ensure that the volunteer and child work as a team
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