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Help Nagaland farmers plant 2M trees

Focus: Environment , Livelihoods

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RAPID deforestation had led to devastating landslides and flash floods in Nagaland. Help EA plant 2M trees along with 10,000 farmers who were the worst affected - yet, fell trees for agricultural land.

Nagaland is a mountainous state with rich forest cover. But due to unchecked deforestation - in which the practice of shifting cultivation and logging have played a part - landslides and flash floods sweep away agricultural fields, homes and farmers' livelihoods every year.

EA’s Trees for Wealth initiative will encourage 10,000 farmers in 200 villages to plant 2million trees to save their lands and the environment.

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Every contribution will help farmers restore Nagaland's forest cover.


Without the roots of trees holding the soil together, the earth can only soak up a certain amount of water before it gives way. Farmers were severely hit when the flash floods washed away their fields and their source of income. Having suffered the effects of deforestation - for which they are also responsible as they cut trees to increase their land use - it's important to educate them to restore their farming practice in a sustainable manner.

Floods and landslides destroy fields and severely affect farmers' livelihoods.

Deforestation and logging for agricultural purposes is predominant in Nagaland. Due to these practices, acres of land are destroyed and increasing numbers of landslides and flash floods are witnessed annually. In villages where EA work, farmers lost their terraced fields and landslides destroyed paddy fields and jhum lands, creating food insecurity. It’s crucial for local people to take measures to protect themselves against natural calamities.


Entrepreneurs Associates project, Trees for Wealth aims to create a link between environmental concerns and livelihood security. The funds raised will be used to purchase and distribute fruit bearing tree saplings to 10,000 farmers in 200 villages. EA will teach them sustainable farming practices, conduct business skill trainings, provide market linkage and educate them on how trees protect the planet, their lands and livelihoods.

EA aims to encourage 10,000 farmers to plant 2 million trees.