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Help needy with costly cancer tests

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YOUNG Kanchan lost her left leg - and her dreams - to bone cancer. But Cope With Cancer helped her through all the expensive diagnostic tests, funded her prosthetic leg and the sparkle in her eyes has returned.

Often lack of funds pushes patients to forgo diagnostic tests until it is too late. In Kanchan's case, she needed Xray, MRI, CT scan and PET scan done before the amputation. With financial support she was able to do the tests and overcome the harrowing experience of losing a limb.

Like for her, Cope With Cancer help many other needy patients with discounted rates for diagnostics - just ₹3,000 per person on average.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Just ₹3,000 will cover the cost of diagnostic tests for one patient.


Cancer cannot be detected by clinical examination alone - and early detection is crucial for better outcomes. Diagnostic tests can be expensive even for middle class patients. Too often the lack of funds forces patients to defer the tests. Cope With Cancer provide financial aid to economically challenged patients to get the required tests and scans done. They also help patients who have lost their limbs to cancer avail prosthetics.

Diagnostic tests are expensive and unaffordable for poor patients.

Patients in need, receiving treatment in municipal, government and charitable hospitals are referred to Cope With Cancer. They are then screened for eligibility using ration card, electricity bill, and income certificate as criteria. If eligible, diagnostic tests are done immediately. The patient pays a basic minimum amount and rest is paid by Cope With Cancer - this fundraiser will help cover these costs for about 70-80 patients for a month.

Funds raised will be used to cover tests and scans of about 70 patients.