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Help restore vision to Patna’s poor

Focus: Disability , Health , Livelihoods

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UNLIKE other health epidemics, eye ailments often go unseen and untreated. To mark the 100th anniversary of co-founder Soli Ghaswala, GVF are launching their services for the poor in Patna - and need your help.

Providing support to improve the visual health of the less fortunate and abandoned poor has always been GVF's mission. This section of society often suffers diseases which remain undiagnosed due to lack of funds and proper infrastructure.

In memory of the late co-founder, whose centenary is on September 20, GVF will begin operations in Patna, where the economically disadvantaged don't have access to such a service.

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Help GVF reach out to underprivileged in Patna

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People from marginalised communities often ignore non-urgent ailments due to a shortage of money or inadequacy of medical services in their area. Such neglect can lead to deterioration of the original problem and affect livelihoods - especially if the patient is the family breadwinner. Visual impairment can greatly hinder a person’s ability to work, hence it’s important that these individuals be identified and treated as soon as possible.

Doctors conduct affordable medical treatment for the underprivileged in Patna.

As the capital of Bihar, one of India's poorest states, Patna has a large urban poor population who have little or no access to health facilities. GVF expect to find several completely neglected cases of people with eye disorders every month month, who can be given treatment that will restore their vision. The long term objective is to not only serve the abandoned poor in Patna but also other cities in Bihar.


GVF will be working on the ground with Rising Sun Foundation and Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital as their medical partner. The estimated monthly budget of ₹1.12lakh a month, includes contractual staff to identify visually impaired patients, abandoned for lack of resources, at local eye hospitals. It is impossible to predict the cost per case, as it varies between ₹3,000 and ₹50,000 per patient. Each case will be closely monitored and evaluated by GVF.

Regular eye-check ups at a health camp set up by Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital