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Help rural children choose a career

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AKHILESH's friends told him to do commerce in class 11 and 12. Now he wants to study engineering but has the wrong subjects. Help MCF provide career counselling, so students like Akhilesh make the right choice

In the rural areas near Dehradun, many children are first generation school and college goers and don’t have access to those who can advise them on a career path.

So often they end up opting for subjects that do not qualify them for what they want to study in college or the kind of work they imagine they want to do. The children that MCF work with all go to government schools where there is no career counselling.

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The parents' concern for most children in Vikasnagar is to get them through school till class12, without giving them a direction of what follows. They feel just education itself will get them a job and don't feel the need to pay for career counselling for their children outside of school and college. MCF plan to set up sessions for students from Class 8-12 in two government schools in the area to educate them about the career choices they have.

Career counselling will help these rural kids make the right choice.

The area chosen is largely agrarian. Without guidance from parents or at school, children have little or no idea what they are going to do post Class 12. Moreover, students know of limited career options such as a teacher or engineer. Some aspire to become IAS or IPS officers but have little knowledge of what it entails. So it’s important to expand their awareness, introduce them to new career paths and guide them about what subjects to take.


The funds raised will be used to arrange career counselling sessions for children from class 8 to 12 in two rural government schools. A counsellor with the right skills and who can communicate in a language the students understand will be appointed to conduct one session per school, where each child will choose one or two career options from those available as per their potential and interest. This fundraiser will directly benefit 743 students.

The funds raised will help conduct career counselling in two schools.