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AS classrooms across the world focus on World War 1 in its centenary year, help ReReeti curate a travelling exhibition for schools and bring local relevance to a global event by highlighting India's role in it.

Did you know 1.5million Indian soldiers fought in the First World War? Or, have you heard of the Bangalore Torpedo, a path-clearing device invented by the Madras Sappers in use even today?

Unearthing little-known facts like these will be part of this project being co-curated by 90 students through interactive learning and research. The exhibition aims to reach 25,000 children, including 1000 in government schools.

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The funds raised were used for the research. Check out the impact update for details!


Most school students learn about historical events, especially of 100 years ago, from textbooks. Rarely do they get the chance to do their own research, dig deep into the evidence and create an exhibition with the information collected. ReReeti's WW1 project will connect young Indians with stories of their forefathers - and make remote narratives relevant. This unique approach will help them get a balanced understanding of world history.

Many Indians remain unaware of the contribution of Indian soldiers in the Great War.

The little information available on India’s contribution to the Great War focuses mainly on North India's role in it - the rest of the country's participation is often ignored. Bengaluru has had a cantonment and a rich military history. ReReeti aim to present this grand past in an exciting way for students and the local community to access and appreciate and thereby feel more connected to the city’s heritage.

Perhaps, the role played by the Indian soldiers in both World Wars was either downplayed or completely ignored by the British in the decades after them.

Aditya Iyer, journalist, Firstpost August 12, 2017, Delhi

Few people are aware that 1.5 million Indians fought alongside the British – that there were men in turbans in the same trenches as the Tommies … They have been largely forgotten, both by Britain and India.

Shrabani Basu, author and historian, The Independent November 7, 2015, London

All the valuable findings from research and interactive workshops will be put together for a travelling exhibition for both private and government schools, then displayed at museums and cultural institutions in Bengaluru. A website dedicated to people’s narratives and stories will also be created. It will equip 25,000 students, including 1000 underprivileged children, with the tools and confidence to gather, document and share stories.

Findings from the research will be displayed in a travelling exhibition.
Research for travelling exhibition funded
by ReReeti Foundation
14 June 2018

Thank you for your valuable contribution to this fundraiser.

With your help, we successfully raised 1,12,255, 12% more than the target amount! The funds were used to fund the research including payment to researchers, reference books and materials bought or created, sites related to WW1 visited for data collection and information gathering. 

The eventual beneficiaries of this project will be at least 25000 students from across Bengaluru. This amount funded the first part of the project. The exhibition will start travelling to schools from August 2018.