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Help teens learn life skills

Focus: Education , Children and Youth , Livelihoods

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THE education system leaves youth ill-equipped to deal with situations beyond the textbook - especially those who enjoy little privilege. Help Medha teach critical life skills to 25 urban poor schoolgoers.

Government school students in Lucknow typically belong to low-income group families with limited exposure and financial support. Most are clueless about what they want to study in college or a future career as decisions are usually made by their parents or guardian.

Medha's Life Skills Advancement Bootcamp helps students gain decision-making skills, especially regarding their careers, and confidently face the world.

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Every ₹10,000 raised will provide one teen with life skills

Medha has raised enough to fund life skills classes for 3 teens. Special thanks to author Abhijit Bhaduri for championing this cause during Daan Utsav!

Check out the impact updates to see how the funds are being used. :)


The education system in India is primarily focused on attaining test scores, with little attention paid to other competencies - such as those in attitudes and behaviour - that are needed to lead responsible adult lives. Key to these is self-worth, which most disadvantaged adolescents lack. LAB provides a platform for youth to discover themselves, learn to work in teams and manage time and stress, thus preparing them to meet life's challenges.

Without life skills, teens are ill-equipped to face life's challenges

Lucknow is capital of India's largest state - and also one of the poorest. According to the 2011 Census, there are 48million adolescents in Uttar Pradesh, six million of whom are enrolled for higher education. A majority of them will graduate devoid of the critical personal skills required for the job market and life's other challenges. Medha are striving to address this mammoth problem, one LAB programme at a time.

Education that helps young people develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, that builds their sense of personal worth and agency, and teaches them to interact with others constructively and effectively, has transformative potential.

UNICEF, New York, U.S.A.

The training has helped me overcome my fear of facing the public. I now feel more confident to share my ideas with others and actively participate in discussions.

Syed Ali Baqar Rizvi, student, Unity ITI, Lucknow

My LAB journey has been very special! I learned about teamwork, public speaking and group discussions, all new to me. But, above all, my perception about myself has changed. The fact that I am poor and come from a small town does not affect me anymore.

Arti Kumari, student, Arya Kanya Pathshala, Lucknow

First, Medha will identify a partner institution where the training will be delivered. A batch of 25 students will be created through a registration process. Depending on the school timetable, the LAB sessions will be conducted for a duration of one hour every day during regular school hours - totalling 30 hours for each student. A before and after self-assessment and trainer assessment will measure the impact the programme.

LAB sessions will work with young school students during their academic year
One batch down, another batch to go
by Medha
08 Feb. 2018

The funds raised are partially covering the costs for two 30-hour training programmes at Neena Thapa Inter College in Gorakhpur. With additional funds raised, 70 more female students, aged 14-16, signed up for the programme. 

Reetika Pandey, a student at the college, was asked about her experience and said “I used to be short-tempered – after Medha’s class I have begun to learn how to manage my anger.” Reetika’s trainer, Piyush, is proud to share that today she expresses herself confidently, and uses techniques like voice modulation and positive body language to her best advantage.