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Help tribal women cut out middlemen

Focus: Rural Development , Women , Livelihoods

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FOR tribal women who rely on forest resources for their livelihood, maintaining a stable income becomes difficult when middlemen are involved. Help CYSD provide them with the tools to work independently.

Besides seasonal farming, tribal women earn their living by collecting and selling non-timber forest products like mahua flowers and fruit, honey, safflower seeds, and sal leaf for plates - in high demand and their primary source of income.

As making sal plates by hand is time consuming, the women sell their collection to middlemen at throwaway prices. Help CYSD buy 10 leaf stitching machines for 10 self-help groups.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every ₹8,000 will cover the cost of one stitching machine which will benefit 10 tribal women.

This Fundraiser has been extended to give CYSD more time to reach their target.

CYSD have raised enough to purchase four stitching machines.


CYSD enable tribal women to form self help groups so they no longer need to rely on middlemen to enter the competitive market. If each group get a machine each, the production time per plate or bowl will be greatly reduced and together they can set fair prices for these eco-friendly throwaway products in high demand in cities and towns. The machines will also increase the number of plates produced, thus enhancing the women's income levels.

Sal leaf plates

Thakurmund, in the Mayurbhanj district, is located near and surrounded by the dense Simlipal Forest Reserve in Odisha. The natural resources abundant are sal, mahua trees and safflower, which the various tribal communities have always relied on for their livelihoods. However, due to unfair market forces and a lack of reliable networks in the marketplace, they are unable to make a sufficient living off these resources.

I was sitting at home. After receiving training from CYSD, I'm now able to stitch around 2,000 sal leaves in a few hours and add ₹2,000 to my family’s monthly income. I'm happy that I am contributing to our household expenses and children’s education.

Meja Balmuchu, Member of Maa Mangala Maranguru Self-Help Group, Thakurmunda

Around 500 women self-help group members are now involved in individual enterprises like stitching sal leaf plates. Members are now feeling happy that they are able to contribute to household expenses like child healthcare and education.

Damayanti Mohanta, Member of Maa Gouri Mahila Unnayan Sangha, Thakurmunda

This Fundraiser aims to purchase 10 stitching machines for 10 women's collectives. Every ₹8,000 will cover one sal leaf stitching machine, while ₹20,000 will provide training to each group, benefiting 100 women. Once the Fundraiser is complete, the stitching machines will be purchased and the orientation and training will begin. CYSD will also help link them to local markets.

With a stitching machine, the women will no longer need to hand-stitch the sal leaf plates.