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Help upgrade kitchen at girls home

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COOKING three meals a day for 45 girls with basic equipment and minimal manpower is a slow process. Help provide an upgraded kitchen at Baale, where nutrition is crucial to the care given to abandoned girls.

Having outgrown the current facilities at the home, Baale Mane are expanding to a new building with a provision for a modern, more fuel-efficient and hygienic kitchen.

Your contribution towards this will ensure that not only will the quality of meals provided to the girls improve, but also cut down the amount of time guardians spend preparing and serving food, allowing them more time to interact with their wards.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help Baale Mane provide healthy meals to 45 girls.

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Industrial kitchen equipment, designed for the preparation of a large number of meals on a daily basis is more efficient, in terms of time and fuel. For instance, a dough kneader will make it faster and easier to make rotis for 45 girls and five staff everyday. And a bain-marie can keep prepared food warm for over long periods. Reduced time in the kitchen will increase the time guardians spend helping the girls with studies or other activities.

Upgraded kitchen equipment will help improve the quality of meals for 45 girls.

School age is considered as a dynamic period of growth and development because children undergo physical, mental, emotional, and social changes... Good nutrition is important in supporting growth and maximizing learning potential.

Impact of Nutritional Status on Cognition in Institutionalised Orphans, Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, Delhi

More than half (53.9%) of our (Indian) girls within 15-19 years have low body mass index (BMI).

Puja Marwaha, CRY CEO, Livemint, May 2018, Mumbai

The target amount for the Fundraiser will equip the new Baale Mane kitchen with new a cooking range, bain-marie, dough kneader, exhaust hood, storage racks and work tables. Once installed, this will increase the capacity to prepare more meals in the kitchen and allow Baale to care for more abandoned or orphaned young girls in the future.

The funds raised will help Baale Mane increase their food production and reach.