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Help women vendors save for future

Focus: Livelihoods , Women

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STREET vendors who live hand to mouth rarely save for a rainy day - especially vulnerable tribal women. For ₹3,000 each, help 100 of them learn to save, attain financial stability and become self-reliant.

Entrepreneurs Associates started working with women vegetable sellers in 2017, helping them learn basic business skills and strive towards economic security. But EA soon realised their idea of “savings” meant money kept aside for Christmas and school admissions.

The funds raised will be used to buy equity shares for each woman farmer, artisan and street vendor and help them plan and save for their future.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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With just ₹3,000 you can help secure a street vendor's future!

Entrepreneurs Associates have decided to extend this fundraiser to give it more time to reach the target.

The funds raised will help buy equity shares for 10 women street vendors!


The concept of financial security is alien to this vulnerable group and savings limited towards special occasions, where once spent they have to start all over again. This leaves them exposed to potential penury when hit by unforeseen calamities that could push them to deeper deprivation and debt. With the financial literacy and savings plan that EA will provide, women will be empowered to uplift themselves from an uncertain future.

Help women street vendors become financially literate.

In a state where the unemployment rate is double the national average, women street vendors are a common sight but their contribution to the economy is mainly overlooked. They are viewed as a ‘public nuisance’ and many live in the constant fear of being evicted. Plus competition from non-local vendors and a lack of storage facilities often force them to sell perishables at cheaper prices, so profit margins are small.

Most of the women vendors do not progress financially even after decades of working and selling vegetables on the streets.

Neikule Doulo, Master Franchisee, Aloha Mental Arithmetic, The Morung Express, October 14, 2017, Nagaland

EA plan to mobilise women street vendors in the four districts they work in and encourage them to open a savings account with The Nagaland State Entrepreneurs Associates Thrift & Credit Cooperatives Federation Limited. For every ₹3,000 raised, EA will contribute ₹2,000 to buy equity shares for each vendor in a natural food social enterprise promoted by EA. The shares will locked be in for three years, with annual dividend returns for each.

The funds raised will help 100 street vendors become self-reliant.