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Iftar for 700 rag pickers

Focus: Social Exclusion , Health

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RAMADAN is a time for prayer and fasting, as also empathy and charity. Help Tiljala SHED provide nutritious Iftar - a community meal to break the fast at sunset - to 700 rag pickers in Kolkata slums.

Fasting creates hunger - and also an understanding of what it means to have an empty stomach. But for the squatter communities in various shanties in the city, hunger is what drives them out daily at dawn to collect other people’s rubbish so they can earn enough to feed themselves.

This is an appeal to support Tiljala SHED in making this Ramadan special with a celebratory Iftar for their neediest beneficiaries.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Make this Ramadan special for hungry families

This two-week Fundraiser has raised enough to cover the cost of iftar for 318 beneficiaries...thank you!

Ramadan ended on a feasting note for over 1000 fasters. Our News Feed below has updates. Or check your profile section if you have donated to this Fundraiser :)


Going hungry is nothing new for rag pickers and their families, but having a full stomach is. While fasting and hunger are on two sides of the same coin for them, their very own Iftar 'party' at the end of a long, hot day of collecting waste will be a welcome change. Breaking the dawn-to-dusk fast together in the spirit of Ramadan will not only bring a little joy to their otherwise tragic lives, but also provide them a rare nutritious meal.

Iftar meal being prepared and dished out at a previous TSHED programme

Ramadan has fallen in the hottest time of the year in Kolkata. Observing a fast - no food or drink - between 3.30am to 6.20pm in scorching temperatures is not easy for anyone, let alone those forced to be outdoors to collect rubbish for a livelihood. Plus, with waste compactors introduced in the city recently, there is less waste and prices paid for it have halved. So while rag pickers were very poor before, many are now also regularly hungry.

Park Circus feels blessed to witness this Iftar which began in 2014 and continues every year since then.

Sk. Kauser, rag picker, Park Circus

This Iftar programme is one of the best programmes by Tiljala SHED. Nobody ever thought of doing this for people like us.

Hamida, rag picker, Topsia

Everywhere there are a lot of Iftar parties but poor people are not invited. Here we feel like home as we are part of organising, we feel this is our Iftar.

Mariam, from a rag picker family, Park Circus

The Iftar meal will consist of fruit, savoury snacks, chicken Halim, milk drinks, paratha, sweet flattened rice, cucumber, dates and sweets. TSHED plan to at least one Iftar party per area - Tiljala, Topsia, Narkeldanga, Mir Meher Ali Lane. At the end of Ramadan, to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, they will invite as many rag picker families as they can raise funds for and hire a hall, hang up decorations and give everyone a festive occasion to remember.

An Iftar party being enjoyed by rag picker families
Iftar dinner for over 1000 fasters
by Tiljala SHED
10 July 2017

Our two week fundraiser is over, and we can definitely say that we're stuffed! We partnered with Small Change and Global Giving, and together managed to raise Rs. 1.5lakh - enough to feed 1000 people in the Narkeldanga and Topsia areas of Kolkata. Nutritious and delicious Iftar dinners for rag-picker communities was made possible due to our joint efforts, and Ramadan ended on a positive note.