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Just ₹2,000 will feed 800 families

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EVERY day 194million people in India go to sleep hungry - while 1.8lakh tonnes of freshly-prepared food is wasted daily. Fund Akshaya Aahara @ ₹2,000 per day to rescue surplus food and give it to those in need.

Across Mysuru, heaps of excess food at marriages, parties and social gatherings get wasted on a daily basis.

AAF pick up surplus but fresh, good quality food from these venues and other food businesses such as hotels and cafes every day at no cost to the food donor and distribute it 700 to 800 families who struggle for one meal. Help AAF meet their expenses for two months.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

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Every donation will help AAF rescue and redistribute food to 50,000 families for two months.

This fundraiser has been extended so that Akshaya Aahara Foundation have some more time to get closer to their target.


82% of hungry people are living in countries with food surpluses, not food shortages, which shows the problem is not lack of food but that of distribution. One solution to this global issue lies in ensuring that excess food reaches the hungry, not the overflowing landfills which rank third in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in India. AAF’s effort to redistribute cooked food to more than two lakh families annually should be lauded.

40% of the food produced is wasted in India.

AAF’s small team includes two vans, two drivers and two helpers who attend to around 10 to 20 food calls every day. They pick up the surplus food from the location, check the quality, then travel across Mysuru to distribute it to the people who need it. Collection costs including transportation totals around ₹2,000 per day. The funds raised will be used to meet the daily expenses for two months and will benefit 50,000 families.

The funds raised will go towards feeding around 800 families every day.