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Keep Fani-affected kids safe

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ARYAN had just started Std1 at his local primary when Cyclone Fani hit Odisha on May 3 and blew away his school. Help 210 children like Aryan continue their studies in a safe space while schools are rebuilt.

With over 6,000 schools destroyed, study materials washed away and the trauma of loss, children are among the worst affected by Fani. About 20lakh are waiting to go back to school across the Puri district, including Krushna Prasad block.

To provide these children with a secure place where they can study and play until their schools open, CYSD have set up seven temporary Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS) in six villages.

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Fund post-Fani safe learning spaces

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After Cyclone Fani, as the adults struggle to put their lives and homes back together, children are often left on their own and vulnerable to danger. During this time of recovery, these children need a safe environment where they can continue their daily activities such as studying and playing. CFS also takes care of their health, nutrition and gives them study materials so that their education is not affected until schools open in January.

Children are often the most vulnerable post disaster

Situated on the banks of the Chilka lake and closer to the Bay of Bengal where Fani was at its fierccet, Krushna Prashad block is one of the most affected blocks of the Puri district. Almost all the houses, school buildings, health centres of the block are partially or completely demolished. As children are forced to deal with an uncertain future, the seven CFS will help ease their anxiety and ensure they continue their education.


CYSD started seven Child-Friendly Spaces for school children in six of the badly affected villages of Krushnaprasad block, initially for three months - from August to October. They need to continue this service for another two months as the schools will not be ready till January. The cost of running these seven transitional spaces - providing study materials, first-aid, seating mats and supervisors - are ₹35,000 per month.

Puri was the worst affected district during Cyclone Fani