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“I WAS uncomfortable, as we get water where we live, while they don’t,” said class 7 student Swaraj illustrating how social and emotional learning impact children. Help Apni Shala teach these skills to 25 more.

By providing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities for children in municipal schools, low-budget private schools and other NGOs working with children, Apni Shala hope to build confident, caring, empathetic individuals and an inclusive society.

If you believe there is more to education than academics, and want to impact children like Swaraj, donate ₹2,600 to impart these skills to one child for a year.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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The current curriculum based learning imparts knowledge and information, but often, very little else. But academic excellence doesn’t necessarily equip children to face life’s challenges - especially those from deprived backgrounds. Through Apni Shala's -SEL programme, children show marked improvement in their levels of self-confidence, initiative, teamwork, leadership and empathy - qualities that will hold them in good stead for their futures.

Experiential learning has allowed the children to show empathy towards strangers.

The funding will cover the SEL programme cost for 25 children, including facilitation charges, stationery and transport for a year. The students will find an opportunity to reflect, question and gain emotional knowledge via storytelling and arts. The joint programme on Social Awareness allows children to research and address the issues of the community. To create a long-lasting impact, parents/guardians will also be involved in the sessions.

Students researching about the societal issues.