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Light up tribal training centres

Focus: Rural Development

17% Funded
CYSD's training programmes have impacted Odisha's farming communities for decades. Gift LED bulbs and new fans for their two rural centres to reduce the ecological footprint of hosting 3,600 trainees per year.

For 20 years farmers, women's self-help groups and other non-profits have been attending CYSD's trainings on agricultural practices such as organic farming and pisciculture, and for vocational skills.

Replacing old bulbs with LED lights and obsolete fans with new ones at the centres' classrooms, dormitories, WCs, kitchens, dining halls and libraries will cut energy consumption, and operational and environmental costs.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every ₹1,909 will light up and ventilate an average sized room at a training centre with two LED bulbs, one LED tubelight and a fan.

This festive fundraiser has been extended!

The funds raised is enough to light up 10 rooms in CYSD's two rural training centers!

24 LED bulbs, 13 LED lights and 10 new fans have been delivered!


LED bulbs and tube lights are significantly more energy efficient, last longer and contain no toxic elements. New and modern fans will also consume less electricity and be cheaper in the long run by avoiding constant repair costs. At a time when climate change is a global concern, cutting high energy consumption is vital. CYSD are already mobilising resources to convert both centres to using renewable energy such as solar power.

Transitioning to LED lights in large spaces is crucial to cutting financial and environmental costs.

If the Fundraiser is 100% successful, 64 different areas of CYSD's two rural and tribal training centres will benefit. Donatekart will procure the LED lights and new fans and deliver to CYSD within a week of getting the order confirmation. Once the old are replaced with the new, not only the trainees' learning environment be enhanced, but it will make the centres more cost efficient and sustainable.

LED lights and new fans will significantly improve the trainees' learning environment.
LED lights and new fans delivered
by Centre for Youth and Social Development
16 May 2018

We achieved 17% of our target, and raised ₹20,610. We received 24 LED bulbs, 13 LED lights and 10 new fans on the 29th of January at our main office in Bhubaneswar. The goods will be delivered to our Livelihoods Training Centre, around 350 km away from Bhubaneswar, by the end of the week, after which we will begin lighting up the centre!