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Maya and Shamaun's wedding

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AS our big day nears, we're acutely aware that Maya’s 'Dad', grandfather 'Dada', and Sam's 'Nani' will be missing, all lost to cancer. In celebration of their lives, and ours, help us give back to this cause.

Raising money for cancer usually goes towards treatment or research. But other essential needs are overlooked.

It really hit home when we first heard about St Jude who provide free housing, nutrition and emotional support to children with cancer and their parents who travel from villages and small towns to big cities to avail treatment.

₹5,000 will help one child for a month. Contribute to help 40 kids - as your gift to us :)

Thank you!

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

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