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Meals for 30 boys for ₹3,000 a day

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EVERY day CINI rescue children from vulnerable or abusive situations. Help provide four meals a day to the 30 boys in their short stay shelter at any given time before they are reunited with their families.

In India, 180 children go missing every day. Most are victims of abuse, exploitation, trafficking, neglect and violence - some as young as six years old.

When CINI find them, apart from being traumatised, these children are also severely undernourished. To help restore their mental and physical health until they are rehabilitated, CINI provide protection, counselling and nutrition in their short stay home in Kolkata.

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A donation of just ₹500 will provide four nutrition-packed meals for five boys at the shelter!

The funds raised is enough to provide daily meals for one boy for one month!


The main factor behind children disappearing is destitution, with half of minors in India living in acute poverty. So most, even before they went missing, were undernourished. By the time they are found - two-thirds never are - the children's health has further deteriorated, depending on their access to food. So providing them with balanced meals frequently in order to increase their weight safely over a period of several weeks is essential.

CINI provide four nutritious meals to 30 boys at their shelter every day.

West Bengal is one of five states in which more than 50% of crimes against children - mainly kidnapping and abduction - occur. Others escaping poverty or abusive homes, end up at Kolkata's Sealdah station where the highest number of children, some as young as four years old, have been rescued from any single Indian train station in a year. At CINI's short-stay shelters, they focus on nutrition as the first step towards the healing process.

India’s West Bengal state - which shares a porous border with poorer neighbours Bangladesh and Nepal and is a known human trafficking hub for that reason - registered more than one-third of the total number of victims in 2016.

Nita Bhalla, Reuters, March 9, 2017, South Asia

What is astonishing is that the number of children disappearing from India’s immense railway network shows little sign of receding. What happens to those who vanish is unclear. Many are trafficked into the sex trade, others are forced into child labour.

Mark Townsend, July 30, 2017, The Guardian, London

CINI has been doing pioneering work in the realm of mother and child health, particularly nutrition, in Eastern India over the last 44 years.

Neepa Saha Sharma, Head CSR – CESC Limited, Kolkata

It costs just ₹100 a day to provide one lost, helpless child with four nutrition-packed meals a day. If this Fundraiser is successful, it will be enough to buy staples, like rice and dal, groceries, vegetables, fish and other food items for 30 young boys at CINI's shelter home in Tangra, East Kolkata for two months.

Apart from being traumatised, the rescued boys are often undernourished
Healthy meals for 15 rescued children
by Child in Need Institute
28 June 2019

Thank you for your generous donation to the fundraiser. With your support we raised, ₹3,002, which helped us provide nutritious meals to 15 rescued and vulnerable children for two days in December 2018.

Most of the rescued children are severely undernourished when they arrive. Nutritious food four times a day helps revive their health and increase their weight safely over a period of time.