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Medicines to aid special needs kids

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THE 800 children with disabilities under Satya's care mainly belong to families who can't afford the medications needed to help cope with their disorders. Just ₹850 is enough for a month's supply for one child.

The neurological conditions underlying mental disabilities often need specific medicines on a regular basis - for instance, to control or prevent symptoms such as seizures that children with cerebral palsy are prone to.

As part of their duty of care, Satya Special School keep a stock of prescribed drugs which they provide for free for all the intellectually challenged children they serve across Puducherry.

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Just ₹850 can cover medicines for one child for a month!

Satya Special School need more time, so this fundraiser has been extended!

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Of all the children with special needs that Satya support, 75% belong to families below the poverty line. Many have long-term medication requirements and if not given regularly and as prescribed, it can worsen their conditions and restrict everyday activities. Plus, it’s important to stock a range of options - such as different size of tablets for varying ages and disabilities, or syrups if swallowing is difficult - at hand at all times.

Access to the medicines for a long term is crucial for these children.

There are more than 19,000 people with disabilities in Puducherry and many of them lack access to proper healthcare. Satya Special School run four urban and three rural centres and their mobile therapy unit covers 44 villages. Most of the children they come in contact with or those who come to their centres are often in dire need of necessary medicines to function on a daily basis.

There is a special aura of happiness that the students all share. Some wonderful work that is going far further than the building’s four walls.

Karim Ismail, Teach First, UK

This is an extraordinary place All the love care, expertise woven together into a splendid tapestry. Many, many congratulations to Chitra & team for their ability in overcoming heavy odds.

Dr Mithu Alur, Chairperson, ADAPT, formerly The Spastics Society of India, Mumbai

The situation of differently abled children remains deplorable, particularly in rural areas and among the lower socio-economic population. Differently abled children in India are subject to multiple deprivations and limited opportunities.

N. Janardhana, et al, Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, 2015 Jan-Jun

The target amount is aimed at covering 144 units of medicines, with each unit covering one month’s supply for one child costing ₹850. If fully funded this fundraiser will ensure medicines for 12 children for 12 months. The medicines will be bought and assigned to some of the more critical children, those with chronic needs and rare conditions.

The funds raised will ensure 12 of them get a regular supply of medicines.
Meds for 24 special needs kids!
by Satya Special School
23 Jan. 2019

Thank you for donating to this fundraiser! With your support, we raised ₹61,869 which was used to medicines for 24 children for six months.

Most of the special needs children supported come from families who struggle to meet their basic expenses on a daily basis. Long-term access to necessary medicines is crucial for these children.

We appreciate your contribution to this cause.