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Nappies and nutrition for innocents

Focus: Children and Youth , Girl Child , Health

25% Funded
UP to 100 children of Mumbai’s red light district find refuge in AAWC’s shelter - especially at night. Fund hygiene and health kits for the safe care of innocent toddlers and young girls.

Children of sex workers are not only subject to terrible neglect but also face stigmatisation and alienation - all of which AAWC try and address.

At their shelter in Kamathipura, hygienic care of the very young requires a constant supply of diapers and basic toiletries. While for girls under 14 just hitting puberty, a health kit ensuring a nutritious diet is vital. Help AAWC bring some comfort into these young lives.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Donate a hygiene kit at ₹517 and a health kit at ₹930.

This fundraiser has been extended until the end of the month!

The funds raised is enough to buy 17 hygiene kits for toddlers and 9 health kits for adolescent girls!

Donatekart has delivered the health and hygiene kits raised through this fundraiser.


Growing up in an environment of poverty and oppression - where the sex trade takes priority - is not conducive to a child’s overall welfare. At the AAWC shelter, they try to compensate for this deprivation. While kits of nappies, soap, shampoo and cotton towel will keep toddlers clean and comfortable, a gift package of a steel plate, spoon, oil, rice and tur dal will provide basic nutrition which often escapes young daughters of sex workers.

Children at AAWC's shelter are provided basic nutrition.

If the fundraiser is 100% successful, Donatekart will provide 50 hygiene kits for toddlers at ₹517 each, and 50 health kits for adolescent girls at ₹930 each, benefiting 100 children with provisions for a month. Donatekart will procure the goods and deliver them to AAWC within a week of getting the order confirmation - and well in time for the new year.

Health and hygiene kits will positively impact Kamathipura's toddlers and young girls.
Health and hygiene kits for our shelter
by Apne Aap Women's Collective
26 Feb. 2018

We received 15 hygiene kits and 11 health kits with the funds raised. The health kits included steel plates, spoons, oil rice and dal, while the hygiene kits included diapers, soap, shampoo and a towel. 

Here’s what Priyanka, aged 14 had to say: “I am enjoying eating out of these new plates! Since they are sectioned, it’s easier for me to have different items during lunch. I am also a monitor during dinner time and have realised that other children drop less food out of these sectioned plates than earlier circular plates. It feels good to observe this because it means less food is wasted.”

*Faces blurred to protect identity