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Notebooks for migrant workers' kids

Focus: Education , Children and Youth

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EDUCATION materials for their school-going children are a necessity that migrant labourers can't afford. Help Shiksha fund notebooks for 600 such eager students at their Mohyal Colony Education Centre.

The daily regularity of attending school provides a sense of routine and security for children displaced from home. So it is doubly unfortunate when migrant workers can't pay for their sons' and daughters' school supplies because of economic hardship.

To ensure this is not the reason that children stay away from class, Shiksha provide all materials for free - and to bring back dignity in the process of education.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Fundraiser Timeline

Help fund 4,600 notebooks for for children of migrant labourers.

Shiksha need more time so they can raise more funds, so this fundraiser has been extended.

The funds raised is enough to purchase 2,421 books!

The funds raised have been used to buy notebooks for 345 migrant worker's children!


Children of migrant labourers change schools often, as their parents relocate wherever they find employment. Buying school supplies every time they move is unaffordable - and often that means the children are not enrolled in school at all and put to work. Notebooks are one of other essentials that Shiksha provide in an attempt to ensure that these children never have to skip school because of the lack of a necessary school kit.

School supplies are crucial in ensuring deprived children don't skip school.

Shiksha run three free education centres where they provide free uniforms, books, notebooks and nutritious mid-day meals. Students at these centres come from the most marginalised sections of society whose parents are daily wage earners. This year they have received enough donations in kind to cover all students at their other centres, but still need notebooks for approximately 600 students at their Mohyal Colony Education Centre.

Blessings and prayers for these children. Our compliments to all the teachers and staff for their excellent work at Shiksha

Robert Prado, visitor, USA

Children working to support their families don’t just miss out on education, they also miss out on rest, play and recreation...This effectively means missing out on childhood.

-Swagata Yadavar, IndiaSpend, April 2016

It is crucial that children of migrant workers have access to education... Without such access, they will likely spend time on the street while their parents work, and are at high risk of child labour.

Hans van de Glind, Migration And Child Labour: Working Paper,, ILO, 2010

It is really an impressive effort. All those who are part of this initiative should be proud of what they are achieving

Ranjana Sen, Trustee, Sarojini Trilok Nath Trust, Delhi

About 600 students will directly benefit from the funds raised. The money will go towards purchasing 4,600 notebooks which cost ₹12 each. Each student will roughly get about 7 notebooks, depending on their age and class.

This fundraiser will directly benefit about 600 underprivileged students.
Notebooks for 345 migrant workers' kids
by Shiksha
13 June 2018

Thank you for helping us raise ₹33,386 enough for 2421 books!

Your valuable contribution helped us achieve 60% of our target and the balance amount was contributed by other individuals to help us reach our goal. The funds raised were used to buy Mathematics, Hindi, English, and Three in One’s notebooks which were distributed to students from kindergarten till 8th standard at Mohyal Colony Education Center at the end of May.

These notebooks will help in ensuring better attendance, student retention, and better academic performance.