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Power to tribal farmers' training

Focus: Rural Development , Environment , Livelihoods

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FOR farmers, tribal self-help groups and non-profits attending CYSD's training programmes, constant interruption due to power cuts can impede their learning. Fund a new generator to ensure this never happens.

Low-voltage and load shedding throughout the year plague CYSD's rural training centre in the tribal district of Keonjhar. The outdated generator they have been hiring to address this, is slowly giving way and has begun emitting carbon dioxide - which can be a health hazard if inhaled.

A new zero-emission generator will not only provide reliable power supply, but will be less environmentally harmful.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every contribution to this fundraiser will go towards a zero-emission generator.

This fundraiser has been extended till the end of the month.

The funds raised will go towards a zero-emission generator for CYSD's training centre.

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A new model zero-emission generator will be a more ecologically friendly way to solve the problem of power cuts. Plus it will cut down CYSD's maintenance costs of hiring a generator and eliminate the health risks of being over-exposed to carbon dioxide, which the outdated generator emitted. Participants will no longer have interrupted training sessions, and will be able to make the most of their time there.

A new generator will ensure electricity and water supply for different trainings.

For the last two decades, CYSD's training programmes have been serving local farmers, women's self-help groups, youth groups and non-profits. The training centre is situated in a tribal district and is the perfect place for demonstrations and lessons for these communities on agro-forestry, vegetable cultivation, dairy farming, skills training and more. However, due to its isolated location, power supply is erratic and unreliable.

CYSD's centre is a unique livelihood capacity building institution in the tribal hinterland of Keonjhar district of Odisha. Frequent power interruptions affect the farm training, a well intended initiative of CYSD towards tribal empowerment.

Basant Mohanty, Former State Director, CARE India

CYSD have been adopting more environmentally friendly ways of energy consumption, such as switching to LED bulbs and tube lights at its rural training centres. A zero-emission generator is another step in the right direction. Once the Fundraiser is complete, a new 15 KW generator will be purchased and installed. In the event that the fundraiser is not 100% successful, CYSD will internally cover the remaining costs.

A zero-emission generator will power up a whole centre.
Generator to be installed soon
by Centre for Youth and Social Development
05 Nov. 2018

Back in April, we raised ₹9,006 to power our Rural Livelihood Training Centre in Keonjhar. The Centre is located in an isolated part of Keonjhar, where power supply is erratic and unreliable. As an organisation, we are also trying to transition to more environmentally friendly practices, which is why we decided to fundraise for a zero-emission generator.

Since the funds raised did not cover the costs of the generator, we are in the process of arranging the remaining funds internally and hope to purchase and install it soon.

Generator installed
by Centre for Youth and Social Development
28 Feb. 2019

Even though we didn't achieve our target for this fundraiser, we were able to cover the remaining costs internally. At the beginning of January this year, we purchased and installed a 10 kilowatt zero-emission diesel generator at our training center in Keonjhar. A shed is currently under construction for the generator.