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Rations for Kerala flood survivors

Focus: Disability , Health

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THE recent Kerala floods left behind loss and devastation. As the differently-abled in Kottapuram rebuild their lives and struggle for the bare necessities, help ensure they have basic rations for three months.

The floods in Kerala, the worst in a century, damaged 19,470 houses and affected 850,000 in and around Kottapuram - including thousands of differently-abled persons who have been further marginalised. Utensils, cooking facilities and other belongings have been washed away, leaving them with little.

The fund raised will provide dry rations to 100 differently-abled people so that their health is not neglected.

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Help KIDS fund meals for 100 differently-abled for three months.

KIDS have decided to extend this fundraiser to give it more time to reach the target.

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Many differently-abled people in Kottapuram lost their homes and their life’s earnings as the torrential rains triggered floods in parts of Kerala in August. Many have to start their lives from scratch. While KIDS is providing the psycho-social counselling they need to deal with the trauma of their loss, it is important to ensure they have access to proper nutrition, especially with outbreak of diseases posing a health risk.

The Kerala floods destroyed houses and washed away belongings of thousands in Kottapuram.

The floods washed away everything--my clothes, books, everything in my home vanished, and if anything remained, it was full of mud and dirt. My father is struggling to find a job and we hope life goes back to normal soon.

Saneesh Simon, differently-abled person supported by KIDS, Kerala flood survivor,, Kottapuram

Once the fundraiser closes, Donatekart will procure the dry rations and deliver them to KIDS in Kottapuram. KIDS will then distribute the rice, dal, wheat flour, sugar, tea powder and oil to 30 differently-abled people working at their centre and to 70 other differently-abled living in and around Kottapuram who have been affected by the recent Kerala floods.

The rations will ensure the differently-abled people have access to healthy meals.