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Remote village kids need school bus

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A GOOD school in an underserved area is not useful if the neediest students cannot access it. Contribute towards a school bus so 100 children living in remote villages can regularly attend their classes.

The Swarachna School in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, serve school-aged children of 15 impoverished and isolated villages in the district. Established by Milaan, one of iPartner's partner NGOs, it is the only well-equipped, fully operational higher secondary school in one of the most backward districts in India. However, they are in dire need of a new bus to transport the growing number of children who enrolled this year.

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Until Swarachna was set up, children in villages in the Sitapur area either had no access to education or went to government schools with poor infrastructure and uninspiring learning environments. Till now the Swarachna students, who live in an 18km radius, have been commuting by foot, bicycles or in an old school van. With a growing number of enrolments, providing transport to the neediest students, eager to learn, will ensure their attendance.

A school bus will increase attendance for many children.

The Ministry of Panchayati Raj says that Sitapur is one of the most backward districts in India. Its literacy rate is 61%, compared to the national average of 74.04%, with female literacy at just 50%, while the sex ratio is 888 females to 1,000 males. Sitapur's average annual incomes of ₹7,297 (US$ 100) is among the lowest in the country. These reasons make it pertinent that barriers to education, such as the expense of transport, are removed.

Most of our students have truly no way of getting to Swarachna School without a bus. If we aren't able to provide transportation, our students would lose access to an excellent education.

Jitender Kumar, Principal, Swarachna School, Sitapur

I often miss out on school due to the long distance I have to cover on my own, especially in bad weather. A school bus would help me reach to school daily and regularly - it truly would be my ride to freedom!

Sunita, student, 14 years, Swarachna School, Sitapur

Swarachna provides transport but their van is inadequate and limits more underprivileged and underserved children coming to school, especially girls of the community. Transport is one of the constraints they have but a bus would solve this problem.

Prafull Sharma, volunteer, India Fellow, New Delhi

In total, iPartner India will be raising ₹15lakh from various sources to purchase a 40-seater bus, and the target amount of ₹5lakh from this Fundraiser will contribute to to a third of the cost. The bus will be used to make two trips in the mornings and afternoons to pick-up and drop-off 100 children. Milaan will cover the costs of maintaining the vehicle, paying the fuel expenses and the driver's and conductor's salaries.

This tiny van does not have enough seats for all children to get to school.