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Save children the pain of hunger

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MEDICS call them MAM or, moderately acute malnourished children – and there are too many of them in Madhya Pradesh. Help Jan Sahas save the lives of 100 such under-fives by providing timely nutrition.

In 2016 the National Human Rights Commission served notice on the MP government after 116 children died in five months of malnutrition – a condition with easily recognisable symptoms that can be cured.

In the tribal and Dalit districts of Khargone, Panna and Dewas, where the condition is highly prevalent, Jan Sahas will identify at-risk MAM children who can be given a food supplement and treated at home.

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Worldwide almost half of all child deaths are from nutrition-related causes, hunger being one of them. Often called the ‘invisible problem’, chronic under nutrition affects almost half of India’s children. This makes them more prone to disease and undermines their physical and mental development, which in turn affects the future health and wealth of the nation. When malnutrition is predictable, preventable and treatable, why allow it to continue?

Children and mothers referred to government Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres

India’s largest state is also home to the most number of malnourished children in the country – and its prevalence is concentrated in the districts that Jan Sahas operate. Khargone, Dewas and Panna has a large population of poverty-stricken, socially excluded Dalits and tribals with malnutrition having become a part of their intergenerational cycle, passed on from mother to child.

Undernutrition undermines the survival, growth and development of children and women, and diminishes the strength and capacity of nations.

UNICEF India, 2015

Despite its status as an economic powerhouse, deadly malnutrition persists in a bewildering degree in India…[accounting] for 54% of all undernutrition-related child deaths worldwide.

Action Against Hunger, New York, USA

If I had one wish I can get rid of any disease, any health problem, I will pick nutrition. Malnutrition causes the greatest problem, not only for the kid who dies but the kid who survives, who never fully develops physically and mentally.

Bill Gates, NITI Aayog Lecture Series, November 2016

To implement this project, Jan Sahas field staff will screen under-fives for their weight and height to identify MAM children. The success of this Fundraiser will pay to treat 100 such children. It will cover the costs of the raw material – wheat, groundnut and jaggery – and production of MyNutrimix, a powdered food supplement. Over the 90-day feeding programme, Jan Sahas will closely monitor and record the progress of the children.

MyNutrimix being prepared at a Jan Sahas Training Centre for malnourished children
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