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Save infants from malnutrition

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WHEN two year old Arti's family finally sought help, she weighed in at just 11.4kg - one of hundreds of malnutrition cases that Jan Sahas have to deal with. Just ₹3,000 will save two children like Arti.

Three infants die every two minutes in India due to lack of access to proper nutrition, water and basic health facilities - all preventable causes.

Jan Sahas identify children at risk of undernourishment from birth and provide supplementary nutrition, sanitation and hygiene awareness or refer them to malnutrition centres in severe cases. Help them save 37 children like Arti from a tribal belt of MP's Jhabua district.

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Every contribution helps save an infant from malnutrition.

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Malnutrition is the leading cause of death of children under five in India. Neo-natal mortality is the highest in Madhya Pradesh with 51 infants out of 1,000 failing to see their first birthday. The death of a child, especially through preventable causes like malnutrition, breaks a family emotionally, mentally and financially. Jan Sahas try and intervene before such a tragedy comes to pass.

Malnutrition is a preventable causes and help Jan Sahas tackle it.

In August last year, 10-week-old twins, a girl and a boy, died of malnutrition in the tribal district of Jhabua, where the rate of malnutrition is 45.6%, more than Madhya Pradesh’s average of 40% with the highest rate in India. In many villages, undernourished babies are born to undernourished mothers. Plus, bad sanitation and hygiene habits, lack of water and poor public health infrastructure make them more vulnerable to diseases.


Jan Sahas will identify 25 moderately acute malnourished (MAM) children to give their MyNutrimix for 90 days @₹2,700 per child. The supplement has lifted hundreds of under-fives, like Arti, out of danger. The funds raised will also pay for 12 severely acute malnourished (SAM) children to be referred to nutrition rehabilitation centres @ ₹200 per child. After follow ups, data will be collected to monitor progress and prevalence of malnutrition.

Every ₹2,700 will help save a moderately acute malnourished child.