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Save migrant children from neglect

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ALL children need love, care and protection - including those born to destitute parents who work as labour on construction sites. Help provide these to 20 young children in a daycare centre for a year.

While construction in Delhi NCR is in full swing, the workers on the sites - mainly migrant labour - rarely have a safe place to leave their children when at work. Toddlers are often taken along and exposed to the risks of being in and around a building under construction.

At ₹25,000 per child per year, this Fundraiser is to look after 20 children in a secure environment at Mobile Creches' Gurgaon daycare centre.

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The funds will go towards protecting 20 migrant children.

This fundraiser has been extended so Mobile Creches have more time to reach their target.

Amount raised is being used to protect 17 migrant children


Too many children in India are denied their basic needs because they are born into impoverished families. And those of hard-working migrant labourers, who lead itinerant lives, are possibly the worst off - especially if both parents are daily wage earners. With the care, nutrition, education, health check-ups and protection provided at Mobile Creches' 47 centres in Delhi NCR, the deprivation faced by these children is minimised.

The daycares are a safe space for the children.

The National Capital Region has undergone rapid urbanisation for the past few decades, with construction projects in every corner. This has increased the demand for daily wage labourers, who temporarily work and live near building sites until they move to the next project. The workers, often from neighbouring states, migrate with their children, who end up living in uncertain conditions without proper care and protection through the day.

Despite the numbers, the needs and interests of migrant children are largely absent from debates on child protection, child labour and migration. Most governments haven't developed effective policy responses to assist and protect migrant children.

International Labour Organisation, Geneva

I never thought that in such a short period of time there would be such a positive change in my son. I am so grateful to the caregivers at the creche.

Ramvati, mother of beneficiary, Noida

It costs Mobile Creches ₹70 per day to look after one child. Once the Fundraiser is complete, 20 children at MC's Gurgaon centre will receive comprehensive care services, which include health, nutrition, education and community awareness. It also covers the costs of art and crafts workshops, Children’s Day celebrations at centres, and gifts for the young ones on special occasions.

A variety of services are available for the children
Safe haven for 17 migrant children
by Mobile Creches
23 July 2019

Donations are sufficient to save around 17 migrant children. These children are often neglected by their parents who work as construction laborers. Mobile Crèches is using more than 60% of the funding to provide them with better nutrition. The rest of the contributions are being used for providing health and educational services. 

The children are in a safe, enriching learning environment for a better future