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Save school lunches from closure

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LUNCH is the first meal that students at Shiksha's Wazirabad Education Centre have in the day - and now it is under threat. Fund this crucial midday nutrition for 180 migrant workers' children at ₹9 per head.

Besides helping combat anaemia and malnutrition, midday meals act as an incentive for daily wage earners to send their sons and daughters to school rather than leaving them on the streets to engage in rag-picking and other forms of child labour.

With a donor being forced to withdraw support at short notice for this programme, making sure children at the education centre don't go hungry in class has become a priority.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help Shiksha ensure healthy meals for 180 children.

This fundraiser has been extended so it can be a part of the upcoming Daan Utsav week in October!

The funds raised is enough to provide mid-day meals to 68 children for one month.


The benefits of providing a hot school lunch to children who come from poor migrant families cannot be overstated. Without it, their parents may choose to withdraw them from attending school completely. The nutritious meals also tackle malnutrition and anaemia, improve enrolment and attendance, reduce the number of drop-outs and ensure that empty stomachs are not responsible for poor learning and health outcomes.

Mid-day meals are the first meal these children of migrant workers have for the day.

Most of the children at the centre come from migrant families struggling to sustain themselves. For them, every extra mouth to feed also needs an extra hand to work to increase the family income - and often their children end up filling that role. Shiksha address this by providing food, along with free education. But this year a supporter has had to suddenly stop funding the midday meals, putting the essential feeding programme in jeopardy.

It is really an impressive effort. All those who are part of this initiative should be proud of what they are achieving.

Ranjana Sen, Trustee, Sarojini Trilok Nath Trust, Delhi

The nutritious and healthy mid-day meal increases the child’s concentration in class and helps them perform better.

Akshaya Patra, NGO, India

The funds raised will help in ensuring 180 children at the Gurgaon education centre get healthy mid-day meals until next March. The donations will be used to purchase rice, dal, vegetables and fruits and pay for the cost of preparation to provide hot lunches six days a week. So to feed one child for a month (or 25 days) it costs just ₹225.

The funds raised will ensure healthy meals for 180 children until next March.
Mid-day meals for migrant children
by Shiksha
28 June 2019

Thank you for your donation to this fundraiser. With your contribution, we were able to raise ₹15,307. 

The fund raised were used to provide healthy mid-day meals to 68 migrant children for one month. The continued provision of meals has helped us maintain regular attendance of the students at our Wazirabad Education Center.