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Send youth team to national event

Focus: Children and Youth , Sports For Development

36% Funded
A TEAM of masterful frisbee players comprising disadvantaged youth have registered to compete at the Ahmedabad Ultimate Open - if they can raise enough funds. Give the Awadh KHELadis this chance of a lifetime.

This group of 20 boys and girls, who attend second-shift schools so they can work in the morning to supplement their family income, played their first tournament at the Ashoka University in 2016. Since then they've been practicing hard to compete against 40 professional teams from across India.

₹3,950 per player for kits, travel and stay will fund this next big step in their journey of personal growth and aspiration.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Your help will make this team of disadvantaged youth soar!

This fundraiser has closed, and the KHELadis are off to Ahmedabad!

Check out the Impact Updates to see how the Awadh KHELadis did at the tournament!


Ultimate Frisbee is a self-officiating, non-contact sport requiring a high level of life skills from its players. Without a referee overseeing the game, it helps boys and girls overcome gender barriers and promotes negotiation and conflict management skills among participants. The KHELadis have slogged to get tournament ready. They deserve this chance - and boost to their self worth - to represent their city in a competition of this magnitude.

Ultimate is a no-contact sport and helps boys and girls overcome gender barriers

The chance to travel out of their state to take part in a professional sports event, and meet and interact with students and employees from prominent colleges and corporates will expose the team to new experiences and be a huge boost to their personal ambitions. Once the 20 participants return home and share these life lessons with 300 budding players in Lucknow, it will impact the community of disenfranchised youth playing Ultimate in the city.

There is no referee here to point out the mistakes, we have to decide mutually. Secondly, there is no one to shout or say that we will listen or not listen to you, everyone is heard equally and that is good.

Sunny, 16 years, beneficiary, Lucknow

Here girls and boys play together in mixed groups, there is no gender bias. Frisbee teaches us discipline and how to speak to everyone around us.

Sanju, 15 years, beneficiary, Lucknow

Ultimate Frisbee removes the discrimination from the heart, and when discrimination is removed, then the sense of unity is born and with unity, we are able to live together happily.

Israr, 17 years, beneficiary, Lucknow

As a player, you not only call your own fouls, but at a basic level you're responsible for upholding the rules and for playing in a way that shows high sportsmanship.

Michelle Phillips, international athlete, Australia

You're training children to play, but also inspiring them to become a team and take leadership roles in their own community.

Rahul Brahmbhatt, former fellow at Ahmedabad Ultimate, New York

The Ahmedabad Ultimate Open is scheduled for January 26-28. ₹79,000 will cover the costs of 20 new kits and pairs of shoes, travel, accommodation and food. After attending the two-day tournament in Ahmedabad, it is hoped that the Awadh KHELadis will be nationally noticed, which will help raise more awareness about the team's accomplishments and the importance of the sport.

National recognition of the Awadh KHELadis will benefit the whole community
National ranking 32 to 19
by Project KHEL
07 Feb. 2018

We’re back! This fundraiser achieved 36% of its target, while the rest of the costs were covered internally so we, the Awadh KHELadis could participate at the Ahmedabad Ultimate Open 2018.

The tournament was a thrilling and enriching experience for us. We’ve returned home with a major achievement – a national ranking of 19, a huge jump from the ranking of 32 that we started off with! We’re so happy to have been able to represent Lucknow at the tournament, and can’t wait to do this again!