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Show graduates new career dreams

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SELF-discovery and an understanding of opportunities in the wider world help shape career dreams. Fund this transformative journey for 30 committed youth at ₹5,000 each to prepare them for successful futures.

Every year, Medha organise Rubaru - a journey for their most driven alumni to step out of their hometowns and comfort zones to explore opportunities elsewhere.

This year, 30 graduates have been selected from 35 UP colleges to travel to Delhi and Gurugram. Without ‘adult’ guidance for the first time, they are asked to look within for their dreams, then open their eyes to new career options offered by the destination.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

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Every ₹5,000 will send one young graduate on this life-changing journey!

We hope the Medhavis have a joyful learning experience!

Medha have sent us a short update of their trip to Delhi - check out the news feed! :)


Rubaru aims to make graduates believe in their dreams by showing that they are within reach and not confined to the limitations of their hometowns. This will become apparent when, after articulating their career choices, the students visit corporate offices in Gurugram to meet successful professionals who also followed their dreams. This will further facilitate each young participant to benefit from a network of supporting peers and mentors.

Activities are carefully planned to push each participant to begin realising their dreams

Based on Medha's 3,000 hours of life skills training experience, when asked about career aspirations most students tend to recite the only employment options known to them: government job, bank PO, doctor, teacher, etc. They have little exposure to opportunities that exist beyond these jobs. Delhi and Gurugram are buzzing with drive and individuality - where they can meet professionals, many from small towns too, who have rewarding careers.

This was the first time I travelled on my own, without my parents. I felt a sense of responsibility towards myself and my fellow travellers. This was the first time I was keeping track of time, taking care of my belongings and meeting complete strangers.

Lata Wadhwani, Rubaru participant, Avadh Girls Degree College, Lucknow

Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.

Sugar Ray Leonard, professional boxer and motivational speaker, U.S.

Rubaru has made me aware of my qualities and strengths. I know I can engage with a diverse group, plan and present my ideas and also stay positive even during rough times.

Yogesh Verma, Rubaru participant, Firoz Gandhi Polytechnic, Raebareli

Every ₹5,000 raised will cover the cost of one 'Medhavi', including their travel expenses, food, accommodation and learning materials. While the fundraiser is running, Medha will identify industry exposure opportunities in Delhi and Gurugram for the trip. And, at the same time, Medha alumni will be invited to apply for Rubaru. Once the 30 are selected, Rubaru will begin!

30 driven Medha alumni will be selected to take part in this transformative journey
30 alumni visit Delhi
by Medha
16 May 2018

30 of our most dedicated alumni travelled to Delhi in March thanks to this fundraiser. This was their first time travelling to a metropolitan city, so everyone was excited!

In Delhi, they participated in activity-based sessions and visited the Microsoft offices - all culminating to help them expand their horizons, aspire for more and guide their future careers. Alumni Suraj Verma, an aspiring electrical engineer said, "I had never imagined that I will get a chance to visit such a big company and interact with their employees. In this 3-day journey, what I learned has been revolutionary."