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Sick room to boost girls' health

Focus: Girl Child, Health

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SHARING a dorm with pals can be great fun - until you fall ill, spread the infection and miss school. Baale Mane have planned a sick room for their girls but need funds to equip it with beds, medicines, etc.

Baale Mane is home to over 40 young girls - all of whom live, learn and laugh together. But in times of sickness, infections spread fast amongst roommates.

To make the home a healthier space, Baale Mane are allocating a sick room to give the ill a well-equipped and safe environment to recuperate in. Funds will go towards purchasing beds, a couch for the caretaker, mattresses, mosquito nets and medicines.

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The first ₹5,000 will secure a bed, the next ₹3,000, a mattress - so go on!

Baale Mane need a little more time to raise more funds, so this fundraiser has been extended!


A sick room at the Baale Mane home has been a part of their expansion plans for some time. Without one, the girls have taken longer to recover, missed more days of school, and in the process have spread the illness to their roommates - who are then also absent from class. With a designated sick room, diseases and viral infections will be contained and provide a peaceful environment for girls who fall sick to regain their health.

The sick room will effectively shield healthy girls from infections, such as flu, that spread easily

If one girl falls sick, we see that that most of her friends and the girls who sleep next to her in the dormitory also falls sick. Having a sick room will help keep the girls safer.

Mary C, Baale Mane Manager, Bengaluru

I had typhoid two weeks ago and did not have a place to rest properly. I was also scared that the other girls, especially the younger girls will catch the infection from me. I hope we have a sick room to avoid this in future.

Asha, 2nd year PUC, Bengaluru

I need a sick room to sleep in when I am not well. The dormitory is too congested to rest properly.

Asia, 1st year PUC, Bengaluru

Once the new wing of the home is constructed, Baale Mane will convert an existing dormitory - on the ground floor and close to the manager's office - into the sick room, making it easily accessible through the gates by an ambulance or car. The funds raised will be used to purchase four wrought iron beds, four mattresses, a couch for the caretaker, mosquito nets, medicines and first-aid kits. The room will be cleaned and sanitised before use.

Living in close proximity is great for togetherness but a drawback when ill
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