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Slum study centres need repair

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TWO educational centres providing after school support to 200 children from the Topsia and Park Circus slums are in disrepair. Help T-SHED renovate the classrooms to make them safe, joyful places of learning.

The centres, where study sessions are held in the morning, afternoon and evening for all age groups, are integral to the academic progress of each child. But they are dilapidated and require urgent repairs.

From tiling the floors and insulating the roof against the summer heat to fixing toilets and painting the walls, upgrading and redecorating the classrooms will create a conducive environment for learning.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help T-SHED create joyful places of learning


Children of rag pickers, who attend local government schools, are the main beneficiaries of these study centres. From primary to secondary school students, they all need educational support so they don't lag behind in class and remain in school. The presence of these education centres in the slums has helped in the sharp decline of dropouts in recent years. The renovation is essential to make them a safe and happy place for children to come to.

Special classes for senior school girls at the Park Circus centre

I am excited to hear that our educational centre is going to be repaired and refurbished. I have studied here since childhood. It is everything for us and an integral part of our lives.

Saika Khatoon, Class IX student, Topsia

It would be very good if the floor of our classrooms are done properly. It hurts me every time I go and study.

Saiba Khatoon, Class VII student, Topsia

The money raised will be used for floor tiles in both centres and for the walls where appropriate. At Topsia, the open area outside the classrooms will be covered to protect the electronic sanitary vending machines. To prevent the heat entrapment, a false ceiling will be built in the Park Circus centre, which also requires a new door. The rooms will be painted and furnished with basics, including black boards, white boards and chairs.

The Topsia centre requires urgent refurbishment