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Solar lamps to aid skills training

Focus: Environment , Rural Development

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POWER cuts are frequent in rural Keonjhar, one of the most backward districts in India and home to CYSD's training centre. Solar lamps will ensure resident trainees have light after darkness falls.

For two decades, the centre has been hosting farmers, self-help groups, youth groups and other civil society organisations for training programmes on agro-forestry, vegetable cultivation, organic farming and vocational skills.

To ease dependency on erratic power supply, the centre has been making the transition to clean energy for the past two years. Solar lamps will further cut environmental and financial costs.

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For ₹900, you can fund one solar lamp.

With the amount raised, 13 solar lamps can be set up. Thank you for your generous contributions!


CYSD have already installed LED bulbs and tube lights in their centre, and purchased a zero-emission generator to ensure that training sessions are not disrupted due to constant power outages. Solar lamps will add to CYSD's arsenal of green energy as they will provide light for three-four hours during which the generator will not be in use - especially in the evenings when trainees revise topics covered and prepare for sessions the next day.

CYSD's training centre.

The training centre is located in an isolated part of Odisha's Keonjhar district where there is erratic power supply because of low voltage and load shedding, especially during the summer months. Keonjhar is also home to marginalised agricultural and tribal communities, who make up a large part of the participants attending the training programmes at the centre and would benefit from learning in an environment that is not disrupted by power cuts.

Frequent power interruptions affect the Farm Training, a well intended initiative of CYSD towards tribal people’s empowerment.

Basant Mohanty, former State Director, CARE India

According to Pranesh Chaudhary, founder and CEO of ZunRoof, a leading company among the solar power system manufacturers, switching to various solar power options can help reduce electricity bills by a staggering 92%.

Kshitij Bhargava, Economic Times, February 2019

CYSD are raising funds for 50 solar lamps, at ₹900 each. The lamps will provide back-up light in four training halls, 13 dormitories, the dining hall and kitchen. Once the Fundraiser closes, the solar lamps will be purchased, installed and the centre’s staff trained in their efficient management.

The centre will require 50 solar lamps.