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Sponsor travel costs for cleft ops

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EVERY year 1,200 babies with cleft deformities are born in Assam, mostly to rural poor families. Sponsor the travel costs of one child and parent to Mission Smile's Guwahati centre for free cleft surgery.

Cleft lips and palettes are birth defects that make it difficult to swallow or eat properly. This can cause malnutrition, hearing loss, dental problems, and affect speech.

Mission Smile's goal to make the Northeast cleft-free means reaching all distant parts of the region. ₹2,700 will transport a patient and guardian from remote areas in Assam to their Guwahati centre for free cleft surgery and post-operative visits.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every ₹2,700 will cover transport costs of one child and their guardian.

Mission Smile has raised enough to cover transportation for 8 children and their guardians to receive cleft surgery.


Mission Smile provide transportation to Guwahati, food and accommodation, comprehensive care and the surgery itself at no cost to the patient and their guardian. Most children who need to avail of this live in the remotest areas and their families are unable to afford the travel expenses to Guwahati. Your support will also ensure Mission Smile can continue providing this crucial service to patients for free.

All aspects of cleft surgery and care are covered by Mission Smile.

The backlog of patients who require cleft surgery in Assam is estimated between 10,000 to 15,000. The state covers a vast geographical area, different terrains, and is inhabited by over 30million people. This means that many communities often fall under the radar due to distance and isolation, especially those living in poverty. For this reason, Mission Smile have been striving to bridge the gap by providing free cleft surgery and care.

A new life here begins and my son and I are happily ready to walk the path God has laid for us.

Mother of 13-month-old beneficiary Jessy, Tripura

Our life has been emptied of a great burden, and the surgery has put an end to something bad. We could not thank the team enough for the help.

Parents of six-month-old beneficiary Longbir, Assam

Well-known plastic surgeons from across the world have been performing operations successfully and bringing smiles to faces at the Guwahati centre. Facial deformity occurs once in every 700 births, according to a latest global study report.

The Telegraph, 11 June 2014, Kolkata

Once the Fundraiser is complete, Mission Smile will hold awareness camps and recruitment drives in remote locations across Assam in order to identify and enrol 100 children with cleft defects. Travel arrangements will be made for all the patients and their accompanying guardians to get them to the Mission Smile centre in Guwahati. The post-operation follow-up costs will also be borne by Mission Smile.

Mission Smile ensure that a guardian can always accompany the child.