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Stop epidemic outbreak post Fani

Focus: Livelihoods , Health , Disaster Relief and Rehab

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THE real toll of Cyclone Fani is emerging now. Intense heat, lack of drinking water, contaminated water bodies and carcasses of animals and poultry improperly disposed have given rise to the fear of epidemics.

THE Krushna Prasad block of Puri district on the banks of Chilika Lake is one of the worst affected. Its traumatised inhabitants are poor, daily wage earners whose homes have been damaged or destroyed, and have lost most of their possessions and means of livelihood.

CYSD are prioritising help to vulnerable women - heads of families, destitute, disabled or widowed. A survival and hygiene kit for one woman costs ₹1,000.

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Just ₹1,000 will help one vulnerable woman through this crisis


Measures to minimise loss before a natural disaster is one thing. But recovery and rehabilitation of communities affected post the event are as important. With the scale of destruction, officials are struggling to reach even basic amenities like potable water to areas such as Krushna Prasad where CYSD volunteers are clearing debris, providing drinking water and sanitation facilities and conducting health camps to avert the outbreak of diseases.

Damaged boat in Motto village

Beyond the immediate physical damage and loss of life, disasters can also cause long-term damage...[they] can change victim’s attitudes in ways that will potentially haunt individuals, communities and local economies for decades to come.

Washington Post, October 26, 2017

Fani blew away my home, leaving me helpless. But I will fight until my last breath to build my dream house again!

Sashi, 69 , survivor, Puri dist

The post-cyclone recovery will be a daunting challenge to the administration in Odisha... In the aftermath of the 1999 super cyclone, the state relied on a number of community-based groups and volunteers to help rebuild communities.

Times of India, May 14, 2019

CYSD have identified 300 women in the Krushna Prasad block in urgent need of health and hygiene kits containing basic sanitation items, antiseptics, medications for diarrhoea and rehydration, and Halogen tablets for safe drinking water. Volunteers will document the distribution of the kits and monitor their impact on the women. They will also help in the clearing of debris and waste disposal to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Vulnerable women will be provided better sanitation services