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Study materials and pads for girls

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IN rural Chhattisgrah, half the kids in Class 1 can't read the alphabet and gender disparity keeps 60% of women illiterate. Fund study materials for remedial classes, and sanitary pads so girls don't skip them.

Children in conflict-ridden areas such as Kanker and Bastar need special attention for their educational development. Development Initiative provide remedial academic support to them in daily classes held before and after school in 50 centres.

They also prioritise the learning needs of girls - most from tribal of Schedule Caste families - to address the literacy rate disparity between men and women in the state.

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Help 600 disadvantaged kids get quality education.

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The extra classes help children in government schools achieve grade-specific learning outcomes. But the lack of basic study materials such as books and stationery often leads to irregular attendance. The supplies, which include school bags, geometry box, notebooks and chalk board, will motivate the youngsters to be regular. Plus, a stock of sanitary pads at the centres will curb girls being absent when they are menstruating.

Sanitary pads will ensure girls don't have to skip school while menstruating.

Once the fundraiser closes and Development Initiative receives the goods from Donatekart, they will be distributed to the 50 school-based remedial centres under the supervision of support staff who will ensure their quality utilisation. If the fundraiser is successful, 600 children will benefit.

The fund raised will help 600 kids get quality education.