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Windcheaters for girls to beat cold

Focus: Education , Girl Child

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THE winter months are harsh in rural Uttar Pradesh. Riding to school at 6am on cycles provided by PPES, the older girls face chilly winds through moist, open fields. Protect them and gift windcheaters for Xmas.

Adolescent girls in rural India have to overcome many hurdles to attend school, including poverty, gender discrimination and safety. PPES address all these by providing free education, three meals a day, books, stationery, healthcare and cycles.

They don't want the discomfort and health risk of facing freezing temperatures without adequate clothing to become another hurdle. Help them gift warmth to their students.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every donation helps a school girl beat the chilly winds this winter!

This fundraiser has been extended until the end of the month!

The funds raised is enough to buy windcheaters for 18 girls!


A drop in body temperature affects the heart rate, coordination and causes fatigue, according to health experts - not the state in which any youngster should arrive in to start her school day. So, it becomes imperative for students cycling to the PPES school every morning, bracing cold winds and freezing temperatures in the winter, to be properly dressed to withstand the climate. Windcheaters will go a long way in protecting these young girls.

The windcheaters will protect them from the harsh winds when they cycle to school every day.

Donatekart will provide medium size windcheaters for 249 girls will cost ₹330 each and 292 large size ones for ₹390. Once the Fundraiser is completed and the order is confirmed, Donatekart will deliver the items to Pardada Pardadi within a week. During the school's December 25th Christmas celebrations, all 541 girls will be presented with their new winter warmers!

Every rupee goes in making sure these young girls stay healthy this winter.
Raincoats for 112 girls
by Pardada Pardadi Educational Society
10 Dec. 2018

With your help, the fundraiser raised ₹5,953. The funds raised were utilised to buy raincoats for 112 senior girls at Pardada Pardadi's school. 

During monsoon, it becomes immensely difficult for the girls to travel to school. Many girls try to ride their cycle (provided by PPES) holding an umbrella but that is too risky. Moreover, umbrellas can’t protect them during a heavy shower. 

The raincoats will help the girls travel to school without compromising with their health