Small Change helps NGOs connect with a caring generation and create change

Small Change provides the clearest and most hassle-free method to connect with givers and have them contribute to your Fundraisers

Why choose Small Change?

Designed to showcase NGOs

With a dedicated page featuring each NGO, it’s like having your own spot in a permanent exhibition.

And we curate the show. We do all the hard work of gathering content and use our in house communications skills to write engaging copy and give your NGO a great display.

Capture a new audience

You already have your loyal donor base. Why not reach out to the new online generation of givers?

Small Change has been created to reach out to this socially conscious and connected generation. And like e-commerce, e-giving is set to grow exponentially in India. Don’t miss out.

Wide Reach

With Small Change plugged into social media and digital marketing, the world-wide-web is your oyster!

There are no boundaries online. We will help you ‘funda’ raise about your NGO and fundraise for your special projects – and anyone with a smartphone is your audience.

Platform to crowdfund projects

In India the concept of crowdfunding is as old as the hills – individuals contributing towards a common community project.

We have taken inspiration from this inherent community spirit and created a platform only for NGOs. Here you can engage the online ‘crowd’ to raise funds for your projects.

Simple and hassle-free

All we ask is for NGOs to get certified by GuideStar India. After that we take over with full control.

We design your page, write your copy, select your photographs and help you fundraise. And that’s not all. We even issue donors with an 80G receipt to save you the trouble.

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Small Change is a platform for people like you who want to make a difference

Small Change helps you search for causes you care about and start giving -
whether it's your time, money or skills

Why give on Small Change?

NGOs you can trust

They are certified “transparent” by GuideStar India – yes, you can easily check their credentials.

What’s more, they have to go through this legal and financial compliance process every year and are certified for different levels of transparency and public disclosure.

Donations can be tracked

On our unique Fundraiser Timeline on every Fundraiser page, you can track the progress of the NGO project you contribute to.

You will be able to see how funds raised for the campaign you have donated to are used to make a difference. The timeline will also act as the NGO’s own watchdog.

It's simple and hassle-free

You want to help change lives but don’t know who to give to or how? It’s easy peasy on Small Change.

Choose your cause, find NGOs focusing on it, sign up and give – it’s as simple as that. Plus, you’ll get an 80G tax exemption receipt from us and have your personal donation record.

You can inspire others

Make others aware of a cause that’s meaningful to you – and your contribution will immediately grow.

Whether you use our quick social sign up, or share the story of your chosen NGO or exciting fundraiser with friends, you will instantly increase the impact that YOU make.

Makes you feel good

It’s official! Donating to a cause lights up the pleasure region in our brain, scientists have found.

This response to giving is the physiological reason behind that “warm glow” or feel good factor when you gift something to others or to charity. So give… and be happy!

Still need answers?   View FAQs