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HUNGER, the world’s top health risk - more than HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined - affects 194million Indians daily. Akshaya Aahara address this by giving unused cooked food to those who have none.

Six years ago, founder H.R. Rajendra was coming out of a wedding hall when he saw huge quantities of surplus food being thrown away. He saw street children rummaging through the dustbins in front of the hall for food to eat.

Unable to turn a blind eye to what he witnessed, he along with his wife M.K. Swetha decided to collect the surplus food from events such as weddings and other functions, and hotels, cafes and restaurants, and distribute it to the hungry people on the streets.

With the vision of alleviating the hunger problem through this simple solution - which not only provides food for those in need but also addresses India’s food wastage problem - the couple founded Akshaya Ahara Foundation, a food rescue organisation, in Mysore.

In India,1.8 lakh tonne of freshly prepared food is wasted daily while it is home to the largest undernourished population in the world. It is this disparity that the Foundation are addressing.

They work every day without holidays from morning to night collecting and delivering around 550 meals daily - for free. From the homeless to orphanages and old age homes, AAF provide food across Mysore.

Rescuing food is also crucial for the environment. The colossal amount of food waste in India ends up in open landfills can generate methane, which warms the atmosphere by absorbing the sun’s heat and contributes to global warming.

Furthermore, the toxins released from the waste can be absorbed by the soil and can contaminate groundwater.

Food waste prevention plays an important role in solving India’s hunger problem and contributes towards food security and sustainability. Help AAF in their simple mission of saving the needy from hunger and the planet from excessive food waste.

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It is gratifying to note the committed work being carried out by Akshaya Aahara Foundation in Mysuru city. God bless your team.

Prabhudeva, investment advisor, Invest Point Services, Gokulam, Mysuru.

Your effort to spread a little cheer on the faces of hungry children and persons by providing them food is overwhelming. I hope that all Mysoreans get together to help you with volunteering effort and funds to support your tireless efforts.

K. S. Raghavan, retired executive engineer, Kuvempunagar, Mysore