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STUDIES claim 2million children in India can't afford a book, while others have shelves full of those they no longer use or read. Books For All gives donated books to kids who have none, and help them to read.

This flagship initiative of Guzarish provides free doorstep pickup of books being given away by individuals/corporates/schools and distributes them to underprivileged children in the care of 500+ NGOs across the country.

Almost 2,000 books are collected in Delhi NCR every week and brought to their warehouse-cum-library where they are sorted and barcoded into 100+ categories of different languages and genres. NGOs are welcomed to pick up books or order them online and local government school children are regularly invited to select books they need. Regardless of size or MRP, all books are priced at ₹10-20, a minimal fee to covers Books For All's operational costs.

To encourage reading and comprehension, once a child or an NGO takes a book, they are expected to send a two-five line review to share their learning experience. Books For All, in turn, shares the reviews with donors so they understand the impact of their contribution and experience the joy of giving.

Founded by S.P Jain and Teach For India alumni, Guzarish and their simple, impactful programme is a lesson in how simple it is to give and should be supported.

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Being part of Books For All gave me this opportunity to return to the society some part of my childhood, which is the most crucial part of a person’s life. I think our little contribution will be able to bring smiles.

Shalki Galhotra, Manager, Yes Bank, Mumbai

Books For All is like a dream come true for me. I vehemently believe that reading makes you a better, stronger person. The best part is that the pickup is so convenient. I just collected all my old books in a box and arranged for the doorstep pickup.

Dr. Meenal Mittal, Dermatologist, Gurugram