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Institute of Health Management Pachod

Focus: Children and Youth, Women, Health, Girl Child

ADOLESCENT girls face discrimination and incomplete education, with 50% married before they are 18. IHMP provide health and educational services to empower them to prevent early marriage and motherhood.

Founded by Ashok Dyalchand after witnessing the need for better public services for deprived sections of society while at Pachod’s village hospital, the then young doctor established the Institute of Health Management, Pachod.

Initially focused on their pioneering training of community health workers (ASHAs), IHMP expanded their work “to end discrimination against girls and women” to help youth in both villages and urban slums. They do this via health services and life skills education as well as gender sensitisation with boys to change generational behaviours.

Life skills education not only empowers girls to become the decision makers of their lives but also, when they put this knowledge to use, protects them from the adverse consequences of early motherhood.

Kalpana, 16, couldn’t afford academic coaching and was working as an agricultural labourer. Since completing IHMP’s life skills course, she has decided to put marriage on hold until she completes her schooling and plans to study nursing after 12th standard. She says: “Because of the life skills course, my self-esteem has improved and I realised who I am.”

Another participant, Preeti, age 15, explains: “I have learnt how to use the tablet and internet and … [I am going to use these] to get new information and details of higher education available in neighbouring villages.”

When they started with a small team of four, they couldn’t imagine the change and influence IHMP would accomplish over the next four decades.

Their work has been exceptional to say the least. The proof is in the numbers – IHMP’s projects have directly benefited 1.23million people, with an additional 2.4million indirectly helped. Not only did they change the lives of millions, they also positively influenced the public health sector – their innovative maternal/neonatal health initiative was scaled up nationally. They trained 8,000+ health workers from India, South Asia and Africa and collaborated on the National Urban Health Mission policy, amongst many other achievements.

As IHMP continue their efforts, they look for funding to scale up projects that delay the marriage age, prevent early pregnancy and institute health care for the rural and urban poor.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

MOTHERS below age 15 are five times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth and have an increased risk of miscarriage and complications. IHMP’s project strives to protect young girls from the adverse consequences of early motherhood by providing access to sexual and reproductive health services, information and counselling, and community-based monitoring to ensure their health needs are addressed. ₹4,500 will provide a married adolescent girl healthcare for a year.

Life Skills Education

EVERY day over 15,000 Indian girls, at an average age of 15, get married. IHMP provide unmarried adolescent girls with life skills education on topics such as the female body, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and hygiene. These courses seek to increase their self-confidence and assertiveness and help them develop their ability to negotiate a delay in marriage in order to continue and complete their education. ₹540 will provide a set of reusable eco-pads for one girl for a year.

About Institute of Health Management Pachod

I have now convinced my parents to let me finish my education before I get married.

Life Skills Education participant, Aurangabad

Based on its pioneering work in primary health care and health for the urban poor in Maharashtra, IHMP conducts a stimulating, challenging, yet practical training for young and mid-career professionals...

Alok Mukhopadhyay, Chairman, Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) New Delhi

  • Dr. Ashok Dyalchand Founder & Director
  • Dr. Nandita Kapadia Kundu Trustee
  • Dr. Pradnya Doke Programme Manager
  • Gopal Kulkarni Research Director
  • Koshy Abraham Finance Manager
  • Manisha Khale Additional Director
  • S.M. Shinde Programme Coordinator